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  The Marshal is the head trainer of a Laird's stables, responsible for keeping all horses in their charge fit and ready for duty. They work closely with the Head Ostler of the household, and there is often a great deal of overlap between the two positions, as they help one another keep the stables in order. The Marshal must be incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of horsemanship, from filling out the stables properly to breaking in younglings, maintaining the fitness and training of older horses, and even handling breeding, nutrition, and medical treatments. 


A mastery of horsemanship and training techniques, as well as the ability to be quick on their feet, multi-task, and manage their own schedule.


In addition to a proven skill with horses of every age and level of training, a Marshal must have the trust and faith of their Laird, his Head Ostler, and his Clerk.


A Marshal must be approved by their Laird to fill the role, but can be selected or recommended by the Clerk, Head Ostler , or even the Seneschal in some cases. It is common for a Laird to hire a skilled tradesman to fill this role, but a particularly skilled groom or Bond Servant can also be granted the title.


To maintain the training and appearance of their Laird's stables.


To train and maintain the training of all horses in their Laird's stables, including bringing up yearlings under saddle, as well as select any new horses to be introduced and assist the Head Ostler with any breeding programs their Laird has invested in.
The Marshal and Head Ostler work closely together as a team to keep the stables in order, and are expected to pick up any slack the other leaves behind for any reason. It is common for a Marshal to take the lead on medical treatments for the horses in their care, and act as an additional groom when the staff is shorthanded.


If a Marshal works well with the Head Ostler of their Laird's household, and manages their duties skillfully, they can expect a very stable position -- but as there is no shortage of skilled tradesmen in the kingdom, they are constantly aware that they could easily be replaced, which pushes them to do solid work. Unless a Marshal is also a Bond Servant, they are paid well for their experience, and provided decent lodgings within the Laird's castle.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The position of a Marshal tends to be more tumultuous than that of a Head Ostler or Clerk of a Laird's household, as they are readily available and the position requires less trust than more highly esteemed positions. They can be dismissed at any time for any reason, but if they have lasted more than a year or two in a Laird's household, they will likely remain in their position until death or retirement. Unless a Marshal makes a life threatening mistake, their dismissal by the Laird is of little consequence, and they are free to seek employment under another Laird or as a tradesman.


As with most household positions in a Laird's home, the position of Marshal predates the founding of Éirigh by a number of years, though it was less stable and official before The Feudal Alliance System was put into place under the reign of King Slánaitheoir I.

Notable Holders

Quick Facts

Nobility, Household
In Effect
Alternative Naming
Head Trainer
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Lifetime, or until dismissal
Reports directly to

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