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Tenants make up the largest demographic in Éirigh. They are the commoners, spanning from low to middle class citizens of the kingdom. Anyone living on the lands of a Laird that is not a Knight, member of the Laird's family, or Bond Servant falls into this category. From farmers to blacksmiths, weavers to fishermen, and everywhere in between, tenants are the life blood of the kingdom. It is common for tenants that do not run a business to be illiterate or partially illiterate, as there are few opportunities for such education.


A tenant must pay the rent (taxes) specified by their Laird, typically around harvest time. These rents can be in the form of livestock, crops, or money, though some Lairds choose to only accept specific forms of rent. Those that pay their rents are allowed to make their home and profit on their Laird's lands as full citizens of the kingdom.


To be a tenant, one must either join an existing settlement, or get approval from the Laird of that region to begin their own settlement. To join an existing settlement, one must get permission from the Foreman, who reports the addition to the Laird.


Depending on what lands or settlement a tenant lives on, their responsibilities can vary broadly. Typically they will supply some form of agricultural work for their community, but many are also skilled tradesmen. It is up to the Foreman to ensure that the community or settlement as a whole pools enough resources to pay the rents that settlement owes, and typically each tenant will offer up what they are able to. Richer tenants will cover for poorer. Unlike the upper classes, the tenants work as a community to support one another equally, regardless of what each person brings to the table.


Community, a place to call home, and a way to practice your trade to provide for yourself.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Tenants are managed entirely by the Laird of that region and his Order. Refusal to pay the rents, or the breaking of any commands sent down by the Laird or the King is grounds for punishment as each Laird sees fit. Punishments for an individual tenant can range from anywhere between an afternoon in the stocks to banishment, a term (up to a life sentence) as a Bond Servant to the Laird, or even execution, depending on the severity of the incident. Under many Lairds, it is not uncommon for punishment to be meted out upon the entire settlement, rather than the individual (See: The Burning of Muintir).


The role of a tenant has existed since long before the kingdom was founded, and was part of the basis for the creation of The Feudal Alliance System that the kingdom still operates under.

Quick Facts

Civic, Citizenship
In Effect
Alternative Naming
Commoner; Peasant
Equates to
Lower-Middle Class Citizen
Reports directly to

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