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An Order is the military force beneath each Laird of Éirigh, and acts as his eyes, ears, and limbs throughout his lands. They provide protection for his borders, security for his family and castle, and reinforcement for his commands. As importantly, they are the peacekeepers and heads of law in their region. Though often not born Noble, a Knight in service to the Laird is respected as if they were the Laird himself in all matters.
As the arms and legs of their Laird, an Order is also responsible for executing any punishment the Laird orders on an individual or settlement, making them perhaps the most feared military body in the entire kingdom.



The number of Knights in any Order varies vastly dependent on the wealth of the Laird they serve. Typically, an individual Order has no less than 50-100 members, and no more than 350-400 members.


Every Knight is expected to be skilled with broadsword, shield and dagger, hand to hand combat, javelin, and longbow. It is not uncommon to see a Knight that is also skilled enough to wield any other weapon, and some prefer to use a battle axe or longsword to the more traditional tools.


All Knights are required to be skilled in horsemanship, as horses are their primary form of transportation. When collecting rents or traveling beyond the lands of their Laird, they are often accompanied by one or more carts or carriages.


Every Order is owned by a Laird to whom they must pledge their life and allegiance. Each Knight in an Order is required to be wiling to sacrifice anything in protection and support of their Laird, including morals, family, and even their own life. At the head of each Order is the Laird's Seneschal. The Seneschal acts as the military head of each Laird's lands, and is responsible for keeping the Order trained and prepared, and for putting the knights to work where they are most needed.


Maintenance training schedules are set by the Seneschal, and can only be altered by the Laird they serve. In peacetime, it is common for the Knights of an order to manage their own maintenance training. In preparation for war or risky situations, you are likely to see an Order running drills and training multiple times a day. During wartime, a Knight is expected to be prepared for battle at any moment, waking or sleeping.


Logistical Support

The Seneschal of an Order is responsible for working with the Head OstlerMarshal and Clerk of their Laird's household to ensure that they have horses and provisions for any actions the Order is taking. All funds, horses, provisions, and other support they need comes directly from the Laird they serve, and it is rare that any request is denied to a member of any Order.


A Noble or Tenant can be made a Knight at their Laird's discretion, which typically occurs after an act of bravery is performed. In these cases, the new member is often lacking in skills, and the Laird's Seneschal is expected to train them before putting them to work.
More commonly, a Knight of the Order may take an apprentice, either their child or a young person they feel has what it takes, and train them privately (much like a Squire for The Royal Guard. When they feel their apprentice is ready, they will petition their Laird on the apprentice's behalf. If their petition is accepted, the apprentice must prove their skills in tests and spars set up by the Seneschal. If they prove their mettle and are willing to take the pledge laid out by the Laird, they are accepted into the Order.
Though less common, a Knight without a Laird will often travel the lands, petitioning Lairds or their Seneschals for a place in their Order. If their petition is accepted, they must prove their skill following the same path as an apprentice.


Like the role of Tenants in the kingdom, the system of every Laird maintaining an Order to defend them and their lands has been around since long before the kingdom was founded.

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