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The New Order


The New Order is a secret collection of allies sworn to put an end to the monarchy of their land, under the leadership and encouragement of Laird Breith Sadach. Laird Sadach first began gathering these allies in the fallout of the First Great Dynastic Shift, using the yearly Harvest Ball as a cover for their gatherings. After 17 years of coercing, either through charm or threats, the 10 most powerful Lairds of the kingdom pledged their allegiance to his plot. The following spring, they made their presence known, gathering in full force and launching an attack on those Lairds that refused to join their number before moving on to The King's Lands.


As allies, they each have an equal stake in the process and results, but as the originator, Laird Sadach directs their movements. All have pledged their Orders and allegiance to him and his plans, with the agreement that they will be free to rule their lands as they please when all is done. Should they succeed, they will continue to act as Allies of the New Order together, to protect one another from anyone that may threaten their various borders.

Public Agenda

Each Laird involved has pledged the use of their Order to overthrow the monarchy, in exchange for the promise that they will be free to rule their lands as they please when the task is complete. The Order states that the Kingdom of Éirigh has functioned much this way for as long as memory holds, and that the monarchy is an unnecessary restriction on them and their people.


Each Laird that joins as an ally of the New Order pledges his wealth, assets, and personal order to the use of Laird Sadach. When the king is overthrown, these assets will return to their rightful owners.


The First Great Dynastic Shift, and ensuing fallout, lead Laird Sadach to pursue allies in overthrowing King Máirtín.
Over the following 17 years, the New Order grew in size, while each Laird maintained public support of the King.
During the 18th year, the New Order announced its presence by gathering under Laird Sadach, and beginning their attack on any Laird that refused to join their ranks.

either to do or die

Kingdom of Éirigh
The Kingdom of Éirigh (Pronunciation: EYE-ruh) is where the plot of OUTSPOKEN takes place. Featuring a temperate and oceanic climate and surrounded by sheer mountains, this land of greenery and scenic views might remind you of the Northern Isles of Scotland here on Earth, with a much rockier political atmosphere.

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