Lady Míchuí Chegrin

Lady Míchuí Chegrin

"The Lady, as usual, is thoroughly done up, her gown a gaudy thing of pink frills and flashy red satin up and down. Her headdress defies gravity, with tails long enough to spook an unsuspecting horse of the hardiest kind. Her voice is high, shrill, and affected, ensuring that no passerby could mistake her high status, nor ignore her with its grating tone. Still, Lorcan dotes upon her like something straight out of the book of chivalry, if rather less chaste."
-- OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 7


Lady Chegrin makes her first appearance of the OUTSPOKEN trilogy in book one, as the doting Lady on Sir Lorcan Dorchadas's arm. As the immensely wealthy widow of the late Laird Chegrin, she has held her own against the patriarchy, in no small part due to her intelligent move as one of the first to join The New Order. While many find her theatricality horribly overbearing, her wealth and status are undeniable, and she will prove to be far more powerful and capable than the mere arm candy many think her to be.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Lady Chegrin is the human embodiment of "missing the forest for the trees," as you can hardly see her through her personality. Flighty as a bird but solid as an oak (and nearly as tall as one), she is not someone easily missed. She is a larger than life character with soft features, and most of the time she finds herself very intentionally at the center of attention. Physically, the most striking feature of her is her height, followed closely by her bright, intelligent eyes.

Apparel & Accessories

Always dressed to the nines, typically in bright pastels draped in heavy helpings of lace and frills. If you are somehow struggling to find her impressive figure in the crowd, just look for the insincere heart on her sleeve.

Personality Characteristics


To stand toe to toe with the men that dominate the world around her. She wants a husband to legitimize her claim to the lands she holds, but one that would dote upon her, rather than trying to exert power over her lands. Because of this, her best chance is to marry a gold digger from a slightly lower class, someone looking for status without the drive to lead one of the largest, wealthiest regions of Éirigh. In other words, she's looking for someone like Sir Lorcan Dorchadas.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She is incredibly skilled at using her status to put others exactly where she wants them, but doesn't always know what to do with them once they're there. She has a long history of keeping a fish on the hook just a little too long, and doesn't like sharing the spotlight with anyone that won't commit to her melodrama (ie, most people of her class).

Vices & Personality flaws

Lady Chegrin likes her men and loves her liquor, and is well known for being rather less delicate than is socially acceptable. She gets away with it through her wile and by virtue of her powerful position, as few have enough status to stand up to her, and she has a knack for making sure anyone that might wish to bring her down has something they owe her -- but her habit of pushing the envelope a little too far could one day be her downfall.


Immaculate. She's the kind of noble that has a days-long hair and skin care regiment.


Contacts & Relations

Family Ties

Daughter of Sir Iontach Marbh (deceased). Widow of Laird Saibhir Chegrin (deceased).


She speaks with her hands, and moves with more theatricality than a bard.


She often speaks in a highly affected voice, like a poorly trained actor chewing the scenery. But when her fierceness shows, or in her rare moments of vulnerability, her naturally strong, low voice will hit you in the face (as may her hand, if you dare tempt her).

Wealth & Financial state

Lady Chegrin's wealth is rivaled by few. She is the second richest woman in all of Éirigh, and even that is disputable. Her estate places her as one of the 6 most powerful Lairds and Ladies in the kingdom.
Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Currently Held Titles
Brown, doe-like and doting
Long, natural, usually elegantly plaited
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5' 9"
Aligned Organization
Míchuí = meek-WEE; Chegrin = cheh-GRIN

Cover image: by Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash


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