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  A Seneschal acts as the right hand man to their Laird, and is elevated above the fellow Knights of their Order. They call the shots within their Order, and carry the will of their Laird with them. An order from a Seneschal might as well come from the Laird himself.


The Seneschal is typically the most skilled, experienced, and trusted Knight within a Laird's Order. It is rare for a Knight under the age of 30 to be chosen as Seneschal, and almost as rare for them to reach the rank of Seneschal with less than 10 years of service to their Laird. However, there are no qualifications set in stone, and selection of a Seneschal is entirely up to each Laird's discretion.


Every Laird must have a Seneschal to lead his Order. The selection of a Seneschal is entirely at his discretion, and is usually the person he trusts most. It is not uncommon for a Laird to bestow a Knighthood upon someone for the sole purpose of hiring them as their Seneschal.


Maintaining the training and preparedness of their Order, acting as the Laird's right hand man and head strategist, and frequently taking on some of the Laird's duties. Many Seneschals act as a doorway to their Laird that a Tenant must go through to speak to the Laird, and can serve as his voice in most matters.


A Seneschal is considered a Noble for as long as they hold their title, allowing them access to the highest echelons of society. It would not be considered strange for a Seneschal to marry a Laird, though to become a Laird themselves in this act they must be voluntarily released from their duties by the Laird they serve. In addition, as the mouthpiece of their Laird, they have access to all of his wealth and contacts.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A Seneschal can be dismissed by their Laird at any time. Most partnerships last a lifetime, only ending when the Laird or Seneschal dies or retires from their post. Those that do end sooner are typically for positive reasons, like a Laird dismissing their Seneschal from duty when he marries into a Noble family, but there are certainly exceptions. A Seneschal that breaks their pledge to the Laird, fails to fulfill their duties, or commits some act of treachery is often stripped of their title, and rarely remains in the Laird's Order upon a negative dismissal.


The position of Seneschal, like that of a Laird or Tenant has existed since before the founding of the kingdom. Some say it is as old as time itself, but more likely it developed naturally from the need for a right hand man when managing such large estates.

Notable Holders

Quick Facts

Nobility, Military
In Effect
Form of Address
Sir, Major
Equates to
Source of Authority
Their Laird
Length of Term
Lifetime, unless they are dismissed by their Laird
Reports directly to
Seneschal = SEH-nuh-shull

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