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  The Foreman is the unofficial political head of each settlement on a Laird's lands, selected by vote of the Tenants that live there. They are usually a highly engaged and responsible person that longs to keep their settlement as safe as possible for those within it, and it is common for the Foreman to be the head of household for the longest standing family of the settlement. If that family no longer exists, the title is typically given to the most successful and trusted tradesman of the settlement.
The primary purpose of the Foreman is to represent their settlement and take responsibility for it to the Laird, which has made it an increasingly dangerous role. When a Laird chooses to punish a settlement on their lands, it is often the Foreman and his family that bear the brunt of it in order to make an example for the rest of the settlement (See: Brinley Gníomhaire).


An even head, and the faith of their town, village, or other settlement. Typically, they are skilled speakers, have a solid understanding of business, and have a positive relationship with the Laird. Often, the Foreman is the head of the household that founded a settlement.


There are no formal requirements, but a Foreman is expected to be literate and able to perform solid maths in order to calculate the rents their town owes. Their people must believe in them as the head of the town, and they must be capable of maintaining a positive relationship with their Laird -- often a tricky thing, especially for poorer settlements.


In a new settlement, the Foreman is the founder of the settlement. In an established settlement, the Foreman is chosen through an informal vote cast by all heads of households within a settlement.


To keep their settlement aligned with the good graces of their Laird, and ensure rents (taxes) are paid on time and in full.


Handling any and all communication with the Laird and/or his Seneschal, managing the rents, and taking personal responsibility for any shortcomings of their settlement.


Acting as Foreman can be a dangerous proposition, and is not for the faint of heart. The best one can expect is the opportunity to maintain a peaceful connection to their Laird, and the respect of their settlement.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Because of the selfless nature of the position, it is common for the title of Foreman to live on in a single family for many generations. However, as the position is informal and decided upon by the people of the settlement, any head of household within the settlement can call for a new vote at any time, if they feel the Foreman is not representing the Tenants of the town. The same occurs upon the death of each Foreman, though it is likely their eldest child will be selected if they are of a reasonable age.


The position of Foreman has never been made an official rank, but is recognized throughout the kingdom. It is believed to have naturally arisen from how settlements beneath Lairds were formed long before the kingdom was founded, with the first household of any settlement acting as the political head of those that later joined them.

Notable Holders

Uchtach Cathasach
Rún Gníomhaire

Quick Facts

In Effect (Informal)
Source of Authority
Diplomatically chosen by the Tenants of their settlement to represent them to the Laird
Length of Term
Typically lifetime, and often hereditary
Reports directly to

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