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Laird Cúltaca Murchadha

Laird Cúltaca Murchadha


Laird Murchadha is one of the most highly revered and trusted Lairds in all of Éirigh. A free spirit that is only truly at home being battered by the ocean waves, his distaste for the pompous spectacle of nobility drove him to join The New Order early on, and he quickly became one of Laird Breith Sadach's most useful assets. His leadership, general trustworthiness, and ability to shift public opinion are perhaps the only reason The New Order has grown to such great heights. Despite his vast wealth and lands, and in stark contrast to the more power hungry Lairds that surround him, his only wish is to be free to lead his tenants and live his life as he sees fit.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Laird Murchadha is a sailor through and through, and can be identified by the look of a drowning man in his fierce eyes and uncomfortable fidgeting in any noble setting. His sea legs have forgotten the feel of land, and he is most often found searching for the nearest exit in social gatherings, with his finery askew from anxious jittering. With skin much tanner and more heavily weathered than any of the Lairds, he can easily be picked out of the crowd.

Apparel & Accessories

Laird Murchadha sticks only to the necessities, especially when dressing for a noble gathering. At home, he is known to work alongside his men and servants in mere peasant's clothes, but as one of the wealthier Lairds he is forced to present himself with much more frill than he would like. You'll most likely find him swimming in an ocean of teal with elegant gold embroidery and the look of a disgruntled children's doll.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Laird Murchadha was born a peasant on the very lands he now rules over. Drawn to the sea, he joined The Royal Navy at an early age, and climbed the ranks with startling haste. Eventually, he achieved the rank of Commander for his skill in navigating even the choppiest of seas.
A few years into his service, he found himself commanding a ship besieged with misfortune. The hull was stuffed to the brim with valuable cargo, most of his crew was stricken by an unknown plague from a distant land, and the worst storm seen in decades was bearing down on him, and all signs pointed to devastation. But with his skeleton crew and an uncanny ability to navigate the fierce waters, he brought them all safely ashore. It was only after this heroic feat that he discovered the precious cargo he delivered carried the remedy for a deathly illness of the Queen, and as reward for his bravery and service King Tráthúil Slánaitheoir IV granted him a Lairdship.
It was many years before he finally came ashore, retiring from his post in the Navy and taking the sickly Lady Fairsing as his wife. He has long been hailed as perhaps the kindest Laird of Éirigh to his tenants, and found in his later years that he enjoyed working the land, especially in the wake of his young wife's untimely death.

Personality Characteristics


To get out from under the spectacle of the Traitor King's thumb, so that he can rule as he pleases, without the pomp and circumstance that high society expects. Just let the man have the open seas, or a hard day's labor in the fields, and he'll be happy.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

What the Laird Murchadha lacks in social graces, he makes up for with skill in combat, charismatic leadership, navigation, and wartime strategy. A certain Shakespearean quote comes to mind for him, from the lesser-known play Coriolanus, Act 3, Scene 2: “Why did you wish me milder? Would you have me False to my nature? Rather say I play the man I am.” He is a man for work, a man for wartime, a man for the sea, and not one willing to mince words for the sake of social niceties.

Virtues & Personality perks

His honesty to himself above all makes him an incredibly charismatic figure, a real man's man, which makes him a valuable ally. When he believes in something, he can convince nearly anyone to join with him.

Vices & Personality flaws

He likes his drink, he likes his sailor's tongue, and he isn't always aware of letting them loose in noble company.


As those who know him like to say, he's a man of the earth, it's only right that he smell like one.


Contacts & Relations

With no children of his own, he named his young Seneschal Sir Lassair as heir to his estate.
There are rumors that his sexuality may not be as straightforward as it appears, but none have been confirmed.

Family Ties

Husband to Lady Fairsing Murchadha (deceased).


In high society, his movements are often jerky, sharp, and restrained. At home and in his work, he moves with the grace and speed of a sea otter in the waves.


His voice is only heard when he has some passion for the topic at hand, and it first strikes the ears as coarse and sea-worn, but his ability to weave a fantastical tail has left many a crowd enraptured.

Wealth & Financial state

He is immensely wealthy, with a vast span of rich land, one of the most lucrative ports in the kingdom, and an Order that rivals even that of Laird Breith Sadach. While Laird Murchadha certainly isn't one to brag, he will not hesitate to use all his resources to get what he wants, or put you in your place should you challenge him.
Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Commander of The Royal Navy (Retired)
Currently Held Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Dark blue, like the sea
Long, thick, and blonde, with a neatly trimmed beard
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned and weathered from years at sea
Aligned Organization
Cúltaca = COOL-tock-a; Murchadha = more-AH-hoe

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