King Tráthúil Slánaitheoir IV

Pronunciation: TRA-hoo-ill SLAN-ah-WHO-dge

(a.k.a. King for the Everyman)


King Tráthúil Slánaitheoir IV was the last King of The Slánaitheoir Family Line to preside over the Éirigh. The King for the Everyman, this charming and empathetic man made a name for himself by standing up for those less fortunate, honoring the tradition of the throne with greater fervor than any of his great forefathers.

Despite being one of the most beloved rulers in the history of the kingdom, Tráthúil met a brutal end in the year 1475. He, along with the rest of his family, was murdered in his sleep by King Máirtín I during The First Great Dynastic Shift, which is believed by most to have put a permanent end to his family line. It is said that in his dying breaths, he did not fight, nor cower. He simply looked to his Queen, and held her gaze with a faint smile on his lips until the light faded.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

A warm smile that makes the lanterns glow just a little brighter. A captivating voice filled with good humor, coupled with a thunderous laugh you can feel resonating in your chest. An undeniably regal presence that can hush an entire room, that's dapper and charming enough to immediately put the crowd at ease. You won't need to look for him, he'll draw you to him with his contagious light.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tráthúil was the only child of King Slánaitheoir III. In his young years, he struggled with his education, much preferring to spend his time playing practical jokes on his tutor or sneaking out into The Royal City disguised as a lesser noble to enjoy the sites and sounds of the markets in the central ring. He was fascinated by the lives that others lived, and was frequently found sitting cross legged in the dirt beside some market booth or other, talking with beggars and commoners like old friends.

However, that all changed when the young Crown Prince lost his mother, the Queen, at the young age of 12. After tripping in the garden, the Queen's hand was caught on a rusted nail. The Royal physician treated it, and all seemed well, until the following morning. Tráthúil's last memories of his mother are of her laying stiff, muscles straining in her bed, unable to move or open her mouth. This horrific event stirred a great change in Tráthúil. He committed himself to his studies, and preparing himself to be a King that his people could depend upon.

Shortly after Tráthúil turned 18 and began actively assisting his father in the governance of the kingdom, he met Armóin, the elegant yet low born young woman that would steal his heart. The young Prince had never felt this way before, and would never find love in another. After a four year romance, they were married the week of his coronation, and she became his Queen.

Discovering the difficulty and stigma around her Deafness was dampening her ability to lead, Tráthúil soon began a quest to create a full language of sign that could be adopted by the upper classes. It wasn't long before he heard word of a band of secluded monks in Coimeádach that lived under a vow of silence, who had developed a kind of shorthand sign language. They agreed to aid him in this endeavor, and were partnered with a collection of scholars to craft what would ultimately become The Language of Hands.

  For 36 years, Tráthúil and his Queen reigned over what many scholars agree was the most peaceful and fruitful period the kingdom had ever seen. They bore three children together, and Tráthúil reveled more in his family than any other blessing in his kingdom. Life was good. Until the tragedy that would bring it all tumbling down.


Demisexual, teetering on the edge of graysexual


Family Ties

Husband to Queen Armóin Slánaitheoir  (deceased)
Father to Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir
Father to Young Prince Donán Slánaitheoir (deceased)
Father to Lady Trua Sadach (deceased)
Grandfather to Lady Sinè Sadach
Grandfather to King Máirtín II

Social Aptitude

King Tráthúil was about the most charismatic person you could ever meet, and a true master at walking the walk of Royalty. However, his love for making meaningful connections to those around him and his chronic positivity would often distract him from matters of import, and he greatly depended on Queen Armóin Slánaitheoir to gracefully pull himself and his compatriots back to earth and put them to task when they veered too far off course.


Despite his regal stature and composure, King Tráthúil was known for talking with his hands in swooping, graceful gestures. Many believe this developed from his near constant use of The Language of Hands. You knew he was deeply considering something when he finally stood still save a hand stroking his chin, a far off look in his eye.


A low rumbling voice, that resonated with the strength of a lion's roar yet somehow puts you immediately at ease. In anger, his voice could tear the mountains themselves asunder, but this side of him was rarely seen. Something about the power he so clearly held yet never used against his people made his voice almost lyrical to listen to.


King Tráthúil Slánaitheoir IV

Husband (Vital)

Towards Queen Armóin Slánaitheoir



Queen Armóin Slánaitheoir

Wife (Vital)

Towards King Tráthúil Slánaitheoir IV



Legal Status


Wealth & Financial state

As the King, Tráthúil had the support and wealth of all Éirigh to support him, as well as The King's Lands.

Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

58 (deceased)
1417 1475
Circumstances of Death
He, like most of his family, was murdered in his sleep during The First Great Dynastic Shift
Stormy blue and curious
Long, brown, and sleek, with a full, neat beard to match
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White with a rosy complexion
6' 2"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fluent in The Language of Hands, and credited for turning it into a language of nobility.

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