Queen Armóin Slánaitheoir

Pronunciation: AR-moan SLAN-ah-WHO-dge

(a.k.a. The Peacemaker; The Deaf Queen)


Armóin Slánaitheoir was the fourth Queen of Éirigh. Born Deaf to commoners in the outer ring of The Royal City, her rise to the crown was a thing of romance and legend. She remains perhaps the most beloved Queen in the kingdom's history, despite her tragic and brutal end (See: The First Great Dynastic Shift ).

Her legacy lives on in her son, Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir, and her granddaughter, Lady Sinè Sadach.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Blue eyes like clear, cut crystal, sharp enough to pierce you, but warm enough to melt the iciest heart. A laugh like a babbling brook, and just as refreshing. A presence that fills the room around her, captivating every eye. Look for the definition of elegance, and you'll find her.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Queen Armóin was born in the outer ring of The Royal City, where her family had come seeking asylum from the harsh conditions of Laird Máirtín. Throughout her childhood, her parents scraped by on the grace of The Royal Family, and while it wasn't a comfortable life, she never went hungry.

When Armóin came of working age, she found a position as a handmaiden in the upper ring, working for one of the Noble households. There, his daughter took a shining to her, most likely because the young Lady enjoyed the idea of a silent compatriot, and Armóin soon become her lady in waiting. The position paid well, allowing her to help support her family in the outer ring, and she soon grew accustomed to the comfortable life of her noble family. it was during this time that she first learned to read and write, with the help of her Lady's private tutor.

A few years later, during the Festival of Samhain, fate stepped in through the form of a bumbling young Crown Prince tripping on her dress. You could say she swept him off his feet, though the more accurate telling would be that he tripped on her skirt, leaving a long (and somewhat scandalous) rip in the fabric. With all the grace of a gentleman and the sputtering of an embarrassed youth, the Crown Prince wrapped young Armóin in his cloak to preserve her reputation and escorted her to his personal tailor, where he waited with her while the dress was repaired.

To say they were enamored of each other would be the greatest understatement of the century. Despite the language barriers between them, their passion grew for each other, and the rest was history. When King Slánaitheoir IV rose to the throne, he selected Armóin as his Queen. Their wedding was a magnificent affair, ending with her coronation. One of her husband's first acts as King was to help create The Language of Hands, and ensure that it was accepted as a language of the noble classes.

With this new tool in hand, Queen Armóin proved to be one of the most trusted and powerful Queens in the history of the kingdom, skilled with balancing political entities and filled with grace far beyond what her upbringing would have suggested. She bore three children, and together with her husband reigned over perhaps the most peaceful and prosperous time the kingdom had ever known. That is, until The First Great Dynastic Shift.


Family Ties

Wife to King Slánaitheoir IV (deceased)
Mother to Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir
Mother to Young Prince Donán Slánaitheoir (deceased)
Mother to Lady Trua Sadach (deceased)
Grandmother to Lady Sinè Sadach
Grandmother to King Máirtín II

Social Aptitude

She was known as the Peacemaker for a reason. Her ability to graciously mediate between parties, regardless of their class differences, and keep a cool head in even the most tense situations was legendary. Despite using The Language of Hands and requiring a translator, her voice was often the loudest and most sought after in the room.


In court, she was known for an almost ethereal grace and poise. But in her private time with family, she was full of laughter, and her children would remember her for kicking off her shoes to run about and play with them in their private gardens. Perhaps her most pronounced mannerism in either place was a single lifted eyebrow, which when combined with a slight quirking upward of her lips meant that she had you in a corner and you just didn't know it yet. Nobles and Royal guests of the court learned that when Queen Armóin gave you this look, it was best to hand over the shovel before you dug yourself deeper into the hole.


It was for the sake of Queen Armóin that The Language of Hands was developed, as she was born Deaf. However, her light, tinkling laughter was known the kingdom over.


King Tráthúil Slánaitheoir IV

Husband (Vital)

Towards Queen Armóin Slánaitheoir



Queen Armóin Slánaitheoir

Wife (Vital)

Towards King Tráthúil Slánaitheoir IV



Legal Status


Wealth & Financial state

She had the full wealth and support of the Kingdom behind her, until the bitter end.

Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

55 (deceased)
1420 1475
Circumstances of Death
She and her family were wiped out in The First Great Dynastic Shift
Icy blue, yet soft and welcoming, like crystal
Black, usually worn in long braids, plaited elegantly and tied back
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Deep, rich brown with copper undertones
5' 8"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fluent in The Language of Hands, as well as reading and writing. She is also a skilled lip reader, due to her upbringing.

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