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The Royal Family


The Royal Family reigns over the Kingdom of Éirigh, as laid out by The Feudal Alliance System at the founding of the kingdom. They are the most powerful people in the kingdom, and until the rise of The New Order, their position was unquestioned. While the kingdom's feelings toward the Royal Family have changed over time, there has never been another threat to their sovereignty like this one.


The King sits at the head of the Royal Family as the most powerful person in the Kingdom of Éirigh. For most of Éirigh's history, the Queen and Crown Prince have played major roles in the governance of the kingdom. The Queens responsibilities can range anywhere from acting as the Clerk of The Royal Palace of Éirigh to being the primary contact for foreign emissaries, and everywhere in between. The Crown Prince is expected to train as a member of The Royal Guard from a young age, and show mastery of a broad variety of skills. They are given the most extensive education available, and between the ages of 18 and 20 they are expected to directly assist the King with his duties in preparation for their coronation.


When the kingdom was first founded, the Royal Family was made up of relatively ordinary people, and remained close to the people of their kingdom. They were rulers for the everyman. But as the years went on, The Court of Lairds and the King each grew more powerful, and a rift began to form between the upper and lower classes. The sense of friendliness between these classes remained until The First Great Dynastic Shift, at which point a growing feeling of unease, dissatisfaction, and rivalry came to life. With the Traitor King Máirtín II on the throne, the Royal Family is no longer trusted or liked by most of the kingdom. 


The wealth and support of both the Lairds and Nobles of the kingdom, as well as The King's Lands and everything there within, including The Royal Guard and The Royal Navy.


For most of the kingdom's history, The Slánaitheoir Royal Family held the title. However, when they were wiped out as part of The First Great Dynastic Shift in 1475, The Máirtín Royal Family took control. Whether they can maintain their hold on the crown against the forces of The New Order remains to be seen.


The Royal Family is protected by The Royal Guard, The Royal Navy, and when necessary by the Orders of the Lairds of Éirigh.

Quick Facts

Court, Royal
Alternative Names
Royals; Royalty
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Barter system
Subsidiary Organizations
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