Teorainn River


The Teorainn River forms the western border of Éirigh, traveling from the sea all the way to where The Kingdom of Éirigh, The Kingdom of Abhainn, and The Kingdom of Coimeádach meet. Though it is often swampy and difficult going in the summers, the safest path by far to traverse between the three kingdoms is by sailing the Teorainn.

Cover image: by Photo by Rahim Sofri on Unsplash


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20 Dec, 2020 14:18

A swampy river sounds kind of beautiful, in a weird way. I'd love to know more about the sort of dangers one could face whilst traversing the river.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
20 Dec, 2020 21:55

Thank you! I'll definitely be coming back to this one with a lot more detail. For now, I just wanted it to exist :)