Sir Éalaigh Casey

Pronunciation: EE-lig KAY-see

Sir Éalaigh Casey

They say the bloodshed ends with me – but the words of a traitor are as worthless as his futile attempts to make me break.
OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Prologue


Sir Éalaigh Casey is one of the unsung heroes of Éirigh. After years of peace, he had the misfortune of being the Captain of The Royal Guard during The First Great Dynastic Shift. It was Sir Casey's quick thinking that allowed Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir to escape his family's fate. After a night of fearfully navigating the Palace Catacombs, he entrusted the Prince's care to his family, and turned himself in to The Traitor King as a diversion as they fled The Royal City. After weeks of interrogation, during which Sir Casey refused to speak a single word, he was executed in the Palace courtyard.
“And so I ask you, Captain, have you any last words?” His voice is biting, and the headsman steps forward, at the ready. Hatred rises in me at their betrayal, their cruelty, their bloodshed. I rally my bruised husk of a frame, and for the first and last time since my capture, I let loose my voice.
“Long live the one true king of Éirigh!” I spit hoarsely, and the axe falls.
-- OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Prologue

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As Captain of the Royal Guard, Éalaigh remained in top physical condition throughout his life. The legends of his physical prowess are still used to shame young Squires to this day.

Identifying Characteristics

Soft brown eyes constantly burning with curiosity and warmth, often touched by his smile. A gentle presence that can turn to hell's fire itself at the smallest hint of danger or injustice. Pronounced cheekbones that are either lit by the glow of his wide smile, or cold as stone. The graceful, sweeping strides of someone that has earned the respect of those around him. An easy manner with anyone, regardless of their status. Look for the gentleman either fiercely defending the rights of someone to be heard, standing staunchly at his King's side, or else laughing heartily with his companions, and you'll find him.

Mental characteristics


Éalaigh received a Squire's education, gaining a mastery in not only swordsmanship and noble etiquette, but in literature and more scholarly pursuits, as well. Seeing the value of expanding his knowledge of the world, he continued reading and learning throughout his life, and ensured that his children received the opportunity to be educated as well.


As a young man, Éalaigh gained employment as a Knight's apprentice in the service of a Laird's Order, seeking a better life for himself and his future family. He soon discovered he had a natural talent for the work, and eventually made his way to The Royal Palace of Éirigh, where he petitioned for a place as Squire to one of the lesser known knights of The Royal Guard.

He proved himself worthy through a series of rigorous tests, and his natural skill was quickly discovered. It took a mere year for his tutor to recommend him, and he passed the Captain's tests with flying colors, instating him as a Knight of The Royal Guard. It wasn't long before he had become one of the most trusted and respected Knights of the Order, not in small part due to his humility and drive for constant self improvement.

Five years into his service, Éalaigh was shocked to find that in his final year of active service, the Captain had recommended him as his replacement, and King Slánaitheoir I had heartily accepted. For the following year, he trained beneath the old Captain, before officially taking up the title.

Accomplishments & Achievements

After achieving what many would consider the highest honor a Knight could receive, the position of Captain of the Royal Guard, Éalaigh would go on to become a figure of legendary proportions. While the long years of his service contained nothing truly remarkable -- beyond his continued humility and willingness to learn from everyone around him, of course -- his final act of loyalty to The Slánaitheoir Royal Family ensured his place in the songs of bards for eons to come as much as it sealed his own fate.

In the darkest hours of The First Great Dynastic Shift, Sir Casey managed to rescue Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir, the last hope of the kingdom. Whether or not that hope holds out remains to be seen, but should Prince Finn succeed, the entire kingdom will have Sir Éalaigh Casey's dying act to thank.

Intellectual Characteristics

Sir Éalaigh Casey had an incredibly sharp mind, and was able to pick up new skills as easily as a hat. He was a committed student throughout his life, constantly curious to expand his mind, and worked hard to be a well-rounded man.

Morality & Philosophy

Unlike many men of his time, Éalaigh was a man with staunch moral convictions, much like his King. He believed that truth could only be found by hearing out every side of the story, and while his skill was unmatched with the blade, he much preferred to find a peaceful path to resolution. He held every life as sacred, and longed to give his children the freedom to find themselves and pursue their passions with his full hearted support. In all matters which he presided over, he insisted that status be kept out of the argument, and treated everyone with fairness, patience, and empathy.

Personality Characteristics


To give his family the best life he can, defend those that need it, and constantly improve himself.

Personality Quirks

He had an odd habit of thrumming his fingers against his lower lip when he was deep in thought, and an immaculate use of his eyebrows for emphasis when he spoke.


Family Ties

Husband to Ionúin Casey (deceased)
Father to Sir Dílis Amaladh
Father to Fiúntach Casey (deceased)


Deep, warm, and rumbling. The kind of voice you want to have tell you stories of valor for hours on end.

Wealth & Financial state

He lived a comfortable life, with a residence for his family in The Royal City and the sponsorship of King Slánaitheoir IV. He was a frugal man, and could have afforded much greater things, but preferred to shore up his wealth for his family.

Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Squire (promoted)
Knight  (promoted)
46 (deceased)
1429 1475
Rich, deep brown and watchful
Long, sleek, dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned and weathered
6' 1"
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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