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Crimson Pine


Found exclusively in the Woods of Escaine, crimson pine trees are one of the most stunning sights to behold in all the Kingdom of Éirigh. These breathtaking trees are as ancient as time itself, shrouded in mysterious fog and dappled beams of sunlight. But while the legends of faeries and enchantment that surround this ancient place may not be true, the trees do hold many secrets yet to be uncovered.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Crimson pines reproduce through the creation of pine cones, starting 20 years into their development. Every tree bears both pollen and cones. Pollen is usually created in the lower branches of the tree, and has two small structures that can carry it on the wind to nearby trees. When the pollen lands on fertile cones in the high branches of neighboring trees, these two components form an embryo. Over time, usually about 7-10 years, these embryos grow into mature pine cones about half the size of a ripe pineapple, and fall to the ground. There they are often eaten or carried off by various beasties until they make their way into the ground to gestate.

Growth Rate & Stages

The gestation period of a crimson pine can be anywhere from 1-10 years long, as seeds will not sprout without ideal conditions. Once a seed has sprouted, it will grow steadily from a small sapling to the size of an average pine tree (anywhere between 10' and 20' tall) over the following 20 years, at which point it gains the ability to reproduce. It takes approximately 100 years for a single crimson pine to reach full maturity. Once they have reached this stage, it is not uncommon for them to boast a hefty 20-30' diameter at chest height, and they may grow to reach over 300-400' in height.

Crimson Pines have evolved advanced defenses to allow them to live so long. They have a high concentration of terpenoids and tannic acid in their leaves, roots, bark, and wood, which not only gives them their brilliant red color, but protects them from insects, rot, and fungal infections. In addition, the thick bark of a mature crimson pine has fire resistant qualities.

Ecology and Habitats

Crimson Pines are immensely rare, as they require not only heavy rainfall (at least 100 inches of rain per year), but nearly constant fog, as well. Due to the thick canopy of pine needles they create overhead, like a cathedral ceiling over the forest floor, other forms of vegetation are limited to plants that prefer shaded areas. Typically, you will find blackcurrants, low shrubs, and ivy vines along the forest floor around them.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Woods of Escaine are protected by the King and Royal Family of Éirigh. The beautiful, deep red wood of these ancient trees is the most expensive and sought after material in the kingdom, but as such a rare species with limited supply, one must receive permission directly from the King to cut down or harvest even a single tree. Most of the crimson pinewood you'll find is in structures and architectural accents of The Royal City or The Royal Palace of Éirigh, much of which was harvested at the time of the city's construction.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Due to the very specific habitat necessary for sustained growth, crimson pines are only known to exist in the Woods of Escaine in the center of Éirigh.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

The Woods of Escaine are known throughout the kingdom, deeply shrouded in legend. Some call them cursed, others enchanted, but all agree it’s a strange place. Almost as old as time itself, the forest is dense and overgrown. The trees are enormous even at their base, and their crowns hang high above the ground, like the ceiling of some stunning cathedral. The thick branches and clusters of needles turn the sunlight a dappled shade of green, ominous in some places, inviting in others.

Many have been declared lost here, said to have been lured in by its beautiful spell and trapped to wander aimlessly betwixt the roots and shrubs. Only a single clan of robbers was supposedly able to tame this forest. Escaine and the Marauders, they were called, and the woods named after them. Their raids terrified the country for years, leaving whole towns ruined in their wake, until one day they simply ended.

No one knows who they were or where they went, or if they ever even existed, though many believe the great wood finally took mastery over its self-imposed masters. Every child in Éirigh grew up on the stories around their campfires, but as a grown man I’d always assumed the king merely fed the legends to the people to keep them out of his favored hunting grounds.
— OUTSPOKEN, Original Draft, Book One

by Photo by Ryan W on Unsplash

Quick Facts

Scientific Name
Pinus Sempervirens
1,000-2,000 years
Conservation Status
Under Protection
Permission must be granted directly by the King to cut down or harvest crimson pine trees.
Average Height
Geographic Distribution

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