Lady Sarah Tremaine

Lady Sarah Beygar Tremaine

“I don’t know what goes through that brain of yours, sister, that you would find this... rustic place charming.” Sarah clips back, but when her eyes light on Caillte, her demeanor changes slightly, eyes widening. “But perhaps it could grow on a person, with the right guide.”
Caillte, busy pulling down Loth’s stirrups and tightening her girth, is oblivious to the lustful eyes cast his way. She steps forward, looking him up and down, and with a sly glance toward Meg, she trips toward him with a squeal of fear. Caillte spins around, catching her as she falls into him.
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 16


Lady Sarah Tremaine grew up in the poor halls of Laird Aleck Beygar, with a family she loved dearly. Her father pressured her into a loveless marriage with Laird Togha Tremaine, where he hoped she would find a better, happier life. Instead, she grew bitter, longing for the carefree days in her father's halls, before she had to become a proper Lady. Nowadays, she looks for entertainment anywhere she can get it, only doing the bare minimum to avoid devastating scandal. She is known as a loose woman, but her skill in making strong political connections and general discreteness has kept her from soiling her name in her bandying about.

We are first introduced to her in Book One of the OUTSPOKEN trilogy, where she is mostly seen throwing herself into the arms of Caillte Dochtuir while chiding her sister, Lady Meg Beygar, for her fantastical ideas of romance.

“Well. Have a lovely ride, Meg. I should be rejoining father.” Sarah spins on her heel, striding quickly toward the castle.
“And Lord Tremaine, of course.” Meg pipes up with a catty reminder, and Sarah stiffens.
“Of course. My loving husband will be waiting for me.” Sarah’s voice is icy as the breeze, and I avert my eyes respectfully.
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 16

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Tight fitting dresses. A little too much rouge. Her finger tracing down your spine as she selects her next target for a roll in the hay. A far away look in her eyes when she thinks no one is looking. Pouting eyes. A sensual smile. You're either avoiding her, or trapped in her spell.

Physical quirks

She has a hot temper, especially around her family, and is known for her fighting stance: hands on hips, chest puffed up, eyes on fire, ready to challenge the gods.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lady Sarah lost her mother at a very young age, and struggled greatly to learn the ways of a woman in high society without her guidance. While her tutor did all within her power to help, it wasn't until Lady Sinè Sadach became her friend that she truly began to find her way. She and her sister, Meg, have spent a great deal of time with Lady Sinè over the years, forging a strong friendship together.

In her youth, she was just as romantic as her sister, dreaming of a man that would sweep her off her feet and carry her home for a life of bliss. But as she grew older, and her father struggled more and more to make ends meet, reality slowly set in. At the age of 18, hoping to give her the better life he could not create for her, Laird Beygar introduced her to young Laird Tremaine. They struck up a courtship, and though Lady Sarah felt nothing for this bland, stiff man, she knew her father was depending on her. Soon after, they were married.

For some time, Lady Sarah did her best to play the perfect wife and Lady for her new husband. She hoped that perhaps love could grow from circumstance, and threw herself into forging passion where there was none. But Laird Tremaine remained as bland and unmoved as ever, preferring to read his academic papers over even looking at his wife -- not out of malace, but simply seeing marriage as little more than a business arrangement, like his parents' marriage had been. It wasn't long before Lady Sarah grew jaded by the whole idea of a loving relationship. She regretted marrying just to please her father, and took it out on the world around her.

By the time Lady Sarah turned 20, she was desperate to feel the touch of passion and adoration, no matter how fleeting it may be. Nowadays, she is known for inviting men of any class into her private chambers for a single night of tumbling about, desperate to feel something with anyone that strikes her interest. Her husband pays it no mind, believing it to be the natural way of things, and in this way, at least, she was lucky.

Major Spoilers for Book One!
At the end of book one, Lady Sarah's sister is murdered in a tragic mistake. This deep loss will cause her to finally shake herself from the resigned life of an unsatisfied Lady, and drive her to action. She pushes Laird Tremaine to join her father in avenging her sister, and as the kingdom breaks out in the most horrific civil war in its history, she and her husband may find something has grown between them while the world burns.

Personality Characteristics


To find something. Anything. That will make her feel alive again.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Despite her reputation as a loose woman and her propensity for causing scandals, Lady Sarah Tremaine is an elegant woman that can come across as the most highly refined woman of her class when she chooses. When she isn't set on seducing her next man, or donning the mask of the subdued housewife, she is actually highly intelligent, skilled at making connections, and can bring a great deal to the table.


Family Ties

Married to Laird Togha Tremaine.
Daughter of Laird Aleck Beygar.
Daughter of Lady Aila Beygar (Deceased).
Sister to Lady Meg Beygar.


Unless she is using her sultry tones for seduction, her voice tends to sound like an unholy mix of squawking seagulls and a contemptuous child.


Lady Sarah Tremaine

Wife (Vital)

Towards Laird Togha Tremaine



Laird Togha Tremaine

Husband (Trivial)

Towards Lady Sarah Tremaine



Lady Sarah Tremaine

Sister (Vital)

Towards Lady Meg Beygar



Lady Meg Beygar

Sister (Vital)

Towards Lady Sarah Tremaine



Wealth & Financial state

Due to her marriage, she now lives a life of comfort, but she has known hard times. It is her middling-wealth that keeps her from cracking entirely, as she married into a loveless relationship to gain it.

Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

Laird Beygar's Castle
Lady Meg Beygar (Sister)
Current Residence
Laird Tremaine's Castle
Brown and sensuous
Brown, often cascading down her back in loose waves
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white with red undertones
5' 5"
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
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A Word from Meg

"She followed father’s path and married a man for all the right reasons, but none of them were love. I do apologize for her behavior, but I beg you not to judge her too harshly. Laird Tremaine is a fine man, and he treats her well, but the moment they were married, she knew she had made a mistake. Their marriage was little more than a business arrangement, and she tried for years to make it grow into something more, but...” She trails off, and for once, I feel a kind of empathy for the lass.
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 16

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