Plot to Kidnap Lady Sinè Sadach

Caution: If you want to avoid spoilers for the OUTSPOKEN series, turn back now! This will be your only warning.

"When things first started getting dangerous for Lady Sinè, we tried to help her escape. A handful of us managed to get near enough to stage a kidnapping attempt, and we were almost successful, but a brave young stable boy came after her. We never heard from our team again."
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 22


Not long after Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir returned from his years of hiding in The Kingdom of Coimeádach, he took a risk, striking up a secret correspondence with Lady Sinè Sadach. While this was a massive risk due to his history with Laird Breith Sadach, he was desperate for information on what the Lairds were planning, and longing to connect with his only living family member.

For her part, Lady Sinè rejoiced to hear of Finn's survival, and happily took up the role of informant, desperate for a way to stop her father on his warpath. But as their correspondence continued, and their kinship grew deeper, Lady Sinè began to confide in Finn about her father's abuse. Finn was enraged, and vowed to help her get away as soon as he had the power to do so. For years, this continued, and Lady Sinè proved to be an incredibly valuable strategist that was committed to helping her uncle regain his rightful throne. But all the while, Sinè's position grew more dangerous in Laird Sadach's home, and Finn was going mad looking for ways to help her that wouldn't put both their lives at risk.

By the year 1484, Prince Finnlay and The Order of the Green Cloak had finally become powerful enough to make a move. A handful of Green Cloaks infiltrated Laird Sadach's household, finding positions as servants. The plan was to stage a kidnapping, so that the escape wouldn't lead back to the Green Cloaks before they made their presence known. If caught, Lady Sinè would be safe from suspicion in the attempt. After months of carefully maintaining their cover and working to get closer to Lady Sinè, everything was finally in place.
I knew I ruined her that day, but this... How could she have faith in me, after what I sentenced her to?
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 22

The (Almost) Escape

The night of the escape, three of the undercover Green Cloaks met Lady Sinè in her chambers. They carried her out, and snuck to the courtyard under the cloak of night to meet their fourth accomplice, waiting with the horses. It was only as they galloped past the castle gates that the alarm went up, and for a moment, it looked like Lady Sinè had finally broken free. She breathed the fresh air, and for the first time in many years, she laughed with the abandon of a school girl.

Meanwhile, the castle was in chaos. Laird Sadach's Order was scrambling to find their Seneschal (and Lady Sinè's betrothed), Sir Lorcan Dorchadas, who was nowhere to be seen. The servants buzzed at the news of the kidnapping, and it wasn't long before word made its way to the stables. There, Lorcan's dearest friend, Lucian "Deordhan" Cathasach leapt to action. He knew well that on this night, the anniversary of Sir Torai Dorchadas's death, Lorcan would be blacked out at the nearby tavern, and Lucian was determined to rescue Lady Sinè on his behalf.

The young Bond Servant took off after the Green Cloaks, managing to wrestle Lady Sinè away from her supposed attackers and leaving them for Laird Sadach's Order to deal with. He returned her safely home, hoping to cover Sir Lorcan Dorchadas's absence and avoid detection. Lady Sinè thanked her young friend for his bravery and retired to her chambers with incredible composure, unable to blame the lad despite her fear for what may lie ahead.

"I don’t know what she was trying to tell me, but I think... I mean it looked like... It looked like her father was holding her prisoner. Like she was being interrogated, maybe, I don’t know.” Caillte’s words fill the air heavily, and when he looks at me, I can see my own fear and horror reflected back.
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 14

The Aftermath

Days later, Laird Breith Sadach finally learned the truth of who "saved" his daughter, and of Sir Lorcan's failure to protect her. Lorcan's engagement to Lady Sinè was revoked, along with his place as Laird Sadach's heir, and he was forbidden from ever seeing his beloved again -- but oddly, Laird Sadach did not strip him of his title as Seneschal. That same night, Lucian was knighted, despite his place as a bond servant to the Laird. Lorcan would blame Lucian for his disgrace and the loss of Lady Sinè until his dying day.

Prince Finnlay was devastated by the failure of his plan, knowing that the chances of rescuing his niece were slimmer than ever. It would be years of deepening danger for her before another shot would come along. His Green Cloak conspirators were executed for their crimes, weighing heavily on his consciousness, and any dealings with Laird Sadach from that point on were considered a suicide mission.

Thunderous applause crashes through the great hall, but my smile wavers when I see that her mask has slid to the side, revealing a deep black and purple bruise across her cheek.
I quickly smooth the crease from my forehead, pasting on a smile as we straighten. With a steadying hand on her waste while she finds her feet, I reach up nonchalantly to readjust it without drawing attention.
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 15

Quick Overview

In the year 1484, The Order of the Green Cloak attempted to free Lady Sinè Sadach from her father, Laird Breith Sadach. Despite months of planning, and the taste of success, their plans were foiled. This seemingly small event would have massive repercussions on the lives of many characters in OUTSPOKEN, and ultimately throughout the kingdom.

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Broader Consequences

In the years that followed the escape attempt, Laird Sadach's treatment of Lady Sinè only worsened. Each new letter Prince Finnlay received from her only deepened his resolve to destroy his old friend for the monstrosities he had committed, and Lady Sinè worked ever harder to aid his efforts, despite being kept under lock and key.

When the rise of The New Order was close at hand, Laird Sadach's reasons for keeping Sir Lorcan Dorchadas as his Seneschal became clear. Lorcan was given the chance to prove himself once more worthy of Lady Sinè's hand in marriage, if he would help her father overthrow The Máirtín Royal Family. This turned him into the most loyal and brutal leader Laird Sadach could have asked for, putting aside all sense of morality or grace for the sake of his lost love. Without this skilled, all or nothing Knight leading the charge, The New Order could never have become a crushing force that left even The Royal Guard quaking in its boots.

This one missed opportunity lead to immense bloodshed in the civil war to follow, both in the personal lives of the main characters of the OUTSPOKEN trilogy and in the kingdom at large.

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