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“Begging your pardon, Sir. Our families gathered the rents yesterday, as we were instructed. We understood you must have been held up, so we collected everything in the smithy’s stables to ensure your collection ran smoothly whenever you should arrive. But late last night, a fire broke out. We’re still trying to figure out -“
“How much is left?” Lorcan breaks in again, his face still as stone.
“None of it, Sir.” Rún’s face is weary, his fear visceral. It fills the room, permeating my skin like a thousand paper cuts. My mouth runs dry as the tension builds around us, and I don’t dare look at Lorcan’s face.
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 2


The village of Ceapach is a small, poor farming settlement found on the lands of Laird Breith Sadach, midway between his castle and The King's Lands. We are first introduced to it in the beginning of Book One of OUTSPOKEN, and return to it for multiple crucial turning points in the life of Lucian "Deordhan" Cathasach. Despite its small size and humble history, there is much more to Ceapach than first meets the eye.


When we clop into the tiny village, every window is darkened and empty. A large bonfire burns at the center of the little outcropping of buildings, surrounded by dark silhouettes. Many are bent with exhaustion, fear, and defeat, and I can feel their terror even from this distance.
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 17
Ceapach is a rather poor village of farmers. They are perhaps the poorest Tenants in Laird Sadach's lands, often barely scraping by with enough to pay the rents and keep themselves fed.

Industry & Trade

This small village is made up almost entirely of farmers, with the exception of a tiny local tavern and blacksmith.


Ceapach is a relatively young settlement within Laird Breith Sadach's lands, founded in approximately 1412 by the Gníomhaire family. They have struggled from the very beginning, but manage to squeak by, often apprenticing their children out as farmhands in nearby settlements (such as Muintir) to make ends meet. Beyond the struggle to stay alive and pay rents, there is little of note in Ceapach's history until the year 1486, when none other than Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir came to town.

Caution: Minor Spoilers Ahead!
“Well, Rún, it appears your cry for help has failed you.” He snarls, his fierce gaze shutting down any attempt at protest the foreman could offer. “For your refusal to pay what is owed, and your resistance to our attempts to collect, your debt will be settled in blood. Seize him.”
His words are colder than the freezing air around us, and my heart flies to my throat as Failnich and another grab Rún firmly by the arms, shoving him to his knees on the frozen ground.
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 18
During Rún Gníomhaire's time as Foreman, the village of Ceapach was suffering a particularly harsh year. Enter the True Prince, seeking allies and a place to hide, with the promise of aid to anyone that should join The Order of the Green Cloak and stand with him. Remembering Finn fondly from the years Rún spent as an apprentice to Uchtach Cathasach in Muintir, he was more than happy to help the lost Prince. Over the following years, Rún became one of Finn's most trusted allies, able to forge connections with other foremen and tenants throughout the lands without raising suspicion. In Book One, we witness Finn uphold his promise to aid the towns in his service when the missing rents seem to magically appear, just in time to save Rún's family from being burned inside their own home in front of him as punishment.

Ultimately, Ceapach would be one of Finn's primary contact points in the war to come, and vital to providing cover for his men when traveling back and forth from their hideout in the Woods of Escaine.

End Spoilers


The buildings of Ceapach are simple wooden structures that (usually) get the job done, with the help of good fortune and a lot of elbow grease.


Ceapach is located on one of the drier plains of Laird Sadach's lands, and manages to survive primarily off the frequent heavy rains common in the area. It is located a long day's ride to the west of Laird Sadach's castle, on the route toward The King's Lands.

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