King Jonathan V

King Jonathan Gladstone V of Coimeádach


King Jonathan V is a man of God, who rules his kingdom with a loving yet firm hand. He believes that everything must be kept in order, and he has maintained the traditions of this patriarchal society with righteous vigor. As the sovereign ruler of his lands, he is seen as both the political and religious head of the kingdom.

In the story of OUTSPOKEN, King Jonathan V plays an important role through his support of The Order of the Green Cloak. He provided asylum to Éirigh's Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir after the tragic First Great Dynastic Shift, and has promised to supply troops, financing, and aid for Finnlay's endeavor if he can garner half of the strength he needs from the people of Éirigh.

In exchange, Finnlay has promised to solidify the peace between their two kingdoms by marrying Princess Mary of Coimeádach. However, as things grow more complicated in Éirigh, there is great concern over whether or not King Jonathan V will uphold his side of the bargain.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

A permanent judgemental stare that says he isn't mad, just disappointed. The stillness and poise of a cathedral that makes you stand a little straighter in its presence. Look for the sharp figure that makes you feel like a school child summoned to the headmaster's office again, and you'll find him -- but you might want to straighten your collar first.

Physical quirks

His face lights up when he laughs, the skin crinkling around his eyes like Jolly Old Saint Nick himself. This rare sight is a reminder of the genuine man beneath the regal mask, and perhaps the only time he doesn't maintain perfect stillness and composure.

Apparel & Accessories

King Jonathan V is a simple man, who wears the required trappings of his position in the traditional crimson of his kingdom, but does not bedeck himself as other monarchs have. The most lavish adornment he wears is his ornately wrought golden crown.

Personality Characteristics


To keep everything in his kingdom neat as a pin, everything following the correct order. He is a passionate man of the church, and sees it as his duty to ensure that his people follow the way of God.

Virtues & Personality perks

King Jonathan V is a highly restrained and conservative man, who believes that his actions follow to the letter his God's design for all things. He will not act unless he believes it is God's will, and he keeps a tight grip of his kingdom in order to garner heavenly favor for his people. Because of this, his kingdom is deeply entrenched in tradition, which has made it at times a highly misogynistic place to be. Despite being a kind (if reserved) man, he is highly homophobic, as he believes that such a life is not approved in the eyes of his God.


Family Ties

Husband to Queen Elizabeth III.
Father to Crown Prince Jonathan VI.
Father to Princess Elizabeth IV.
Father to Princess Victoria II.
Father to Princess Mary of Coimeádach.

Hobbies & Pets

King Jonathan V was a skilled hunter in his youth, and has always maintained a well-bred pack of hounds for such purposes. While his old bones do not allow him to take to the fields much these days, his two prized dogs, Arthur and Angus, are always with him. You will often find them seated to either side of his throne.

Wealth & Financial state

Immense. The Kingdom of Coimeádach is perhaps the wealthiest in the region, and as the King, it is entirely at his disposal.

Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

Current Location
The Royal Palace of Coimeádach
Current Residence
The Royal Palace of Coimeádach
Steely gray and full of judgement
Black, long, tightly braided and tied back
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black with cool undertones
6' 0"
Other Affiliations

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