Lady Meg Beygar

Lady Meg Beygar

“There you are!” A high voice shatters the silence around us, and the next thing I know, there isn’t a horse beneath me anymore. I plummet to the ground, landing hard. A loud pop from my side alerts me to the mild disaster at hand, and Leod’s hooves pound around the ring, a harsh staccato that warns his fear will not be easily overcome. God damnit, Meg.
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 13


Lady Meg Beygar is a young woman with her head in the clouds, dreaming of better things. Namely, romance. While she has always seemed rather naive and oblivious to the world around her, and constantly has her head in a book of poetry or fantastical tales, this became all she allowed the world to see after the tragic death of her mother when she was very young. In her private mind, she is actually an incredibly resourceful and insightful person, which only slips through in moments of bold faced vulnerability and sincerity.

In Book One of OUTSPOKEN, we are introduced to Meg as Lucian "Deordhan" Cathasach's worst nightmare. She has created a secret courtship between them, which Lucian is helpless to deny, and he fears for both their safety if it should ever be discovered. While she is little more than a comedic nuisance for most of the novel, her shining moment comes at the end of Book One, where a shocking twist puts her at the middle of a major turning point for the lives of everyone involved.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Eyes filled to the brim with romantic ideas and almost frantic escapism. A voice somehow both grating and lyrical. The innocence of a child betrayed by brief, shocking moments of sincerity. Look for where the veil of reality feels thinnest, and she'll be sitting at the center of the vortex, likely with her nose in a book or staring off dreamily into the mid-distance.

Physical quirks

Lady Meg has a rich world within her own mind that she frequently escapes to. This brings with it the unfortunate side effect of fazing out in the middle of a conversation, staring with rapt attention without catching a single word. It's also common for people to confuse her dreamy staring off into the mid-distance as an attempt to make eye contact, which makes a profoundly unsettling impression on those unprepared to be caught in the cross fire.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In her childhood, Meg received the best education her father could afford for her. She worked hard at her lessons, and found freedom from the difficult life her family lead in books of fiction. Fantasy and romance were her bread and butter, especially when she had none for her grumbling stomach. Despite their financial struggles, she had a beautiful family life, filled with love and good cheer.

This propensity for escapism only grew stronger when, at the age of 7 years old, she and her mother were involved in a terrible carriage accident. Her mother died before help could arrive, and she sat for hours by herself on the roadside, sitting beside her mother's body as it grew cold and waiting for help to arrive. She comforted herself by sinking deep into the stories her mother used to tell her, daydreaming herself a character within them -- a habit that she would turn to more and more over the years.

After this tragic loss, her father became more driven than ever to find a better life for his daughters. It was this pushing that lead to Meg's sister, Sarah, marrying the wealthy Laird Togha Tremaine. Watching her sister struggle in this loveless, passionless marriage was the last straw for Meg. She resolved herself to find the true love of her fairy tales, no matter what it took, or what she might lose along the way -- much to her father's chagrin. During this period, Meg also became friends with Lady Sinè Sadach, who would help her polish her noble etiquette and become her closest confidant.

The next big change in Meg's life came in the form of a mute knight. During her debut at the Harvest Ball, she happened upon Lucian (Deordhan), and immediately "knew" that this was the man she was destined to love. His mysterious silence, his sad eyes, and his genuine concern for her well being all called to her like nothing she had ever known. For the following two years, she would steal every moment she possibly could in his presence, and his silence only served to deepen her desire for him.

Eventually, she began believing her daydreams to be truth, and Lucian had no way of righting her thinking. This situation only grew worse when Lucian saved her from nearly freezing to death in a blizzard, putting himself in harm's way in the process. It was only her willingness to stand up to her father for him that would keep Lucian from execution after the incident.

Warning: Major Book One Climax Spoilers! (Seriously, don't read if you intend to read Book One, or you'll be upset)
However, Meg would prove herself a woman with iron resolve and much greater intelligence than anyone anticipated in the end. When Lucian, Sir Dílis Amaladh, Caillte Dochtuir, and Philipe "Pip" Misneach find themselves desperate for a way to break Lady Sinè free from her father at the end of Book One, Meg comes to the rescue. In exchange for her own freedom and a life of adventure, Meg offered to aid The Order of the Green Cloak by sneaking Lady Sinè out of the castle under cover of night.

Her clever use of misdirection bought the team enough time to accomplish their mission, but at the last moment, disaster struck. Lady Meg Beygar was struck down by a blade intended for Lucian, and she died in his arms, vanishing forever into the world of her daydreams. This accident would force the entire team to flee for their lives, and was responsible for Lucian, Pip, and Caillte's direct involvement with Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir in the civil war to come.

Personality Characteristics


To find her one true love, regardless of who they may be, and live happily ever after -- no matter what her father might have to say about it.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Inside her head, Meg is actually a highly intelligent and observant young woman. She's quick on her feet, and even quicker to pick up on the smallest tells in the people around her. However, after the trauma of her mother's death, she chose to find safety in the world of fantasy and romance, leading many to believe that she is too childish and naive. She can get away with a great deal, due to everyone believing her act, but few hold any respect for her, and most see her as a nuisance.


Contacts & Relations

Friends with Lady Sinè Sadach.
She has dreamed herself up a one-sided relationship with Lucian "Deordhan" Cathasach.
Major Spoilers for Book One!
While she has never actually met Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir in person, she will forever be considered a part of his Order of the Green Cloak after her accidental sacrifice during Sinè's Escape.

Family Ties

Daughter to Laird Aleck Beygar.
Daughter to Lady Aila Beygar (deceased).
Sister to Lady Sarah Tremaine.
Sister-in-law to Laird Togha Tremaine.


Lady Sarah Tremaine

Sister (Vital)

Towards Lady Meg Beygar



Lady Meg Beygar

Sister (Vital)

Towards Lady Sarah Tremaine



Wealth & Financial state

Laird Beygar is the poorest of the Lairds of Éirigh, which means that Meg has grown up on the verge of poverty. While her father did his best to provide a life of comfort for her, she has known nights of cold and hunger, despite the noble appearance of the castle she lives in.

Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

Laird Beygar's Castle
Deep brown and misty
Long, brown, and wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Quotes & Catchphrases
"The unspoken things are often the most important, I think."
— Book One, Chapter 13
“We can runaway. Now. Together. Just us. My hands are soft, I know, but they’ll harden with time, and I’d be content living on the streets if I just had you by my side. We can get out of here for good, make a new home together, a new life. Somewhere no one knows our names. I’m ready, Deordhan. Please. We don’t owe anything to anyone, except our love to one another.”
— Book One, Chapter 16
“Looks like we did get to have our grand adventure, happy ending and all."
— Book One, Chapter 24
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