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Pronunciation: MOYN-ter


The small village of Muintir was located in the lands of Laird Breith Sadach, a two day's ride east of the castle. It was occupied by approximately 15 family groups, the oldest of which were the Cathasach and Dochtuir households, and existed from before the founding of Éirigh until The Burning of Muintir in 1475. Though the village was a small one, it sat upon rich farming land, and was known for the skilled tradesmen that resided at its core.

Muintir is important in the OUTSPOKEN trilogy not only due to the ripple effect that began at its destruction, but as the hometown for main characters Lucian "Deordhan" Cathasach and Caillte Dochtuir. The burning of the village not only cost them their homes and families, but lead to their place as Bond Servants to Laird Sadach.

I feel a pang deep within me. Somehow, I know this is the last piece of Muintir I’ll ever see again. Goodbye, my mind whispers, and I take a deep breath, letting the fresh air fill my lungs.
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 11


The village of Muintir rested on a small plane, surrounded by the rolling green hills of the highlands. The land was rich, making it excellent for farming and agriculture, and a nearby river ensured that plenty of fresh water was available for its residents. Though not as picturesque as the foothills along the northern border, it had its own pleasantness to it.

Due to how close the village was to the foothills, the winters could be rather brutal in Muintir, with strong winds and heavy snowfall. Thankfully, the agricultural wealth of the area ensured the families of the town were usually well prepared, even after paying the rents.


Muintir was one of the longest standing villages of Éirigh, having lasted from before the founding of the kingdom until tragedy struck with the Burning of the town in 1475. For as long as memory holds, the head of the Cathasach family had acted as their Foreman.

The village began as a close knit collection of farmers, but over the years became known for its skilled tradesmen. The Cathasach family, originally farmers themselves, were immensely skilled horsemen, and eventually were sought after for their prowess in training. Between this, the immense medical knowledge of the Dochtuir family, and Muintir's ideal placement along a prominent river that was frequently used to guide travel along the northeastern edge of the kingdom, the village was well known throughout the region.

As a small village, there is little of historical note, excepting their part in The First Great Dynastic Shift. The people of Muintir were immensely loyal to The Slánaitheoir Royal Family, and one of the smaller farming families was distantly related to Sir Éalaigh Casey, who helped Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir escape. When Casey's wife and children arrived, seeking shelter for themselves and the True Prince, there was no question.

Uchtach Cathasach, the foreman, vowed to protect them at any cost. This tiny village then served as Prince Finn's secret headquarters as he figured out what to do, and ultimately paid dearly for it. After months of protecting him, and days after finally helping him make his way across the kingdom's borders, Laird Sadach burned the town and its residents to the ground at the command of King Máirtín I. The only known survivors are Lucian Cathasach and Caillte Dochtuir.


In its prime, the village of Muintir was a popular wayside town. Many people from the eastern edge of Éirigh would travel along the nearby river, and stay a night or two in the village, restoring their provisions and resting up in the Cathasach Cagailt. The Cathasach family was also known for their skill with horses, and citizens from every class frequently came to Uchtach Cathasach and his forefathers for help training new prospects. Finally, as home to the Dochtuir family, nearby Tenants seeking medical attention also frequented the village.

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