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Weather Master

Weather masters are environs that are bound to the weather rod. This can only be done by highly specific and intricate guardian-level mandamus which typically is only known by the Glorandor guardian. Once an environ is bound to the weather rod it cannot be undone without killing them. The bond allows them to use extremely high level environ-mentus from anywhere in the world.   Because the weather rod functions like a mind mage crystal, it allows weather masters to expand and grow their mentus and it enhances both their active learning memory and adimus energy pool. This increase in power puts weather masters slightly lower than mandants and mind mages as far as raw power.   Weather masters always wear a grey robe and silver belt. In addition, due their bond with the weather rod, they have a quartz crystal embedded in their head.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Special
Avg. Lifespan 225-250 Years
Official Robe Grey w/ Silver Belt
Population % N/A
Understanding The Adimus

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