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Mandants are fairly rare making up around 1% of the world’s population. However the mandant classification is considered a standard adimus classification, not a rare one. There are many reasons for this, the main one being that mandant was the second ever adimus classification to be discovered. Prior to the introduction of mandamus in the world, every person’s adimus signature registered as a blue aura in the mentant realm. Mandants auras are the only ones that are purple, thus making them easily stand out. As such, before extensive research was done on the adimus, it was widely believed that there were only two adimus classifications, mentant and mandant. Even though that has since been disproven, the mentant and mandant classifications are still considered to be the default.   Unlike mentant-non classifications, mandants do not have any energy fluctuation in their adimus energy pools. Instead, the mandant adimus is just an enhanced version of the mentant adimus. Mandants have elevated adimus energy, higher mentus resistance, and enhanced speed, endurance, senses, and reflexes. Most notably, mandants have the ability to use mandamus. This is a function of their enhanced adimus that allows them to use adimus voice at a wide range of frequencies, allowing them to control the world around them to various degrees depending on skill and understanding.   There is no known reason why a small percentage of people are born with this enhanced version of the adimus. Because of this, being a mandant is widely considered to be a spiritual calling. It was once widely believed that mandants were the natural evolution path of the adimus and that, given enough time and mentus training, a mentant could evolve into a mandant, but this has never been proven.   Only mandants can be promoted to become guardians so the Fantasmal Government has a vested interest in training all mandants. There is a special mandant school in Fantasmal Mountain where any mandant can attend for free from age twelve to seventeen. After graduating, they can then go on to guardian training if they desire, but it is not mandatory.   A trained mandant is extremely powerful and can easily find work in a multitude of highly paid fields. In professions where robes are required, mandants wear mandant-purple robes with white belts or sashes.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Standard
Avg. Lifespan 225-250 Years
Official Robe Purple w/ White Belt
Population % 1%
Understanding The Adimus

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