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A skillmaster is an extremely rare adimus classification; and there are usually less than half a dozen alive at any given time. Despite this, a skillmaster’s adimus signature usually stands out so much, that any mind mage, or person familiar with the phenomenon, can easily detect them in the mentant realm.   A skillmaster recovers adimus energy at a rate significantly faster than every other adimus classification, even guardians and the Fantasma. They also have an adimus energy pool that is near the size of guardians. Only epouranals, with their near-infinite adimus energy pool outclass skillmasters in this regard.   The adimus of a skillmaster is also unique in that it is abnormally large. A skillmaster’s active learning memory is extremely high, and the frequency of their adimus energy is in constant flux. All of this combined accounts for a few special traits.   The size of their adimus and the high active learning memory affects other parts of the brain in a positive way, allowing them absorb knowledge and learn skills quickly—which is how the name was derived. Skillmasters can also process information very quickly.   Their adimus immunity system gives them skills, durability, and reflexes that are just under guardians and Fantasmal Knights, and their fluctuating adimus energy allows them to use extremely powerful and complex mentus from a young age as well as potentially learn multiple mentant-non skills. In most cases, skillmasters cannot use mandamus but it’s not impossible.   In addition to this limitation, skillmasters cannot become mind mages, nor can they read the mentant realm as well as a mind mage or sensant. Even if they can use mandamus and receive the Fantasmal Signature, they cannot become guardians because a skillmaster’s adimus cannot be boosted in the same way a mandant’s can. The only thing the Fantasmal Signature could change in a skillmaster is increasing their adimus energy pool and preventing them from hitting the normal growth wall that happens around age thirty.   Because of their rareity, skillmasters don't have an official robe designation. In professions where robes are required, skillmasters typically either where the same robe as a mentant or a non.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Rare
Avg. Lifespan 300-325 Years
Official Robe N/A
Population % N/A
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