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Adimus Classifications

A person’s adimus classification determines what adimus based abilities they’re capable of. It also impacts things such as life expectancy, adimus immunity, and physical abilities such as senses, reflexes, speed, and durability. There are currently 19 different adimus classifications divided into four categories: standard, mentant-non, rare and special. Every person has either a standard, mentant-non, or rare adimus classification. Special classifications are mostly social constructs, and many are obtained based on certain actions taken later in life. Unlike standard, mentant-non, and rare classifications, most special classes aren’t reflected in a person’s adimus signature.  

Adimus Classification By Relative Lifespan

Adimus Classification Average Lifespan Population % Official Robe
Epouranal Mage 400-450 N/A Blue w/ Gold Belt
Fantasma 375-400 N/A Purple w/ Gold Belt
Guardian 300-325 < 1% Purple w/ Silver belt
Skillmaster 300-325 N/A N/A
Melder 275-300 N/A N/A
Mind Mage 250-275 2% Blue w/ Silver Belt
Commander of Weather 250-275 N/A Grey w/ Gold Belt
Mandant 225-250 1% Purple w/ White Belt
Mandant-Non 225-250 < 1% N/A
Weather Master 225-250 N/A Grey w/ Silver Belt
Fantasmal-Non 200-225 < 1% N/A
Quickener 150-175 < 1% Blue w/ Purple Belt
Sensant 150-175 < 1% N/A
Environ 150-175 < 1% Grey w/ White Belt Grey w/ Purple Belt
Mentant 125-150 60% Blue w/ White Belt
Channeler 125-150 25% Blue w/ Red Belt
Summoner 125-150 < 1% Green w/ White Belt Green w/ Purple Belt
Non 100-120 10% White w/ Blue Belt
Anti-Mentant 100-120 < 1% White w/ Blue Belt
Crystal-Non 70-90 1.5% White w/ White Belt
Anti-Non 70-90 N/A N/A

Standard Classifications

Standard Classifications
There are five standard adimus classifications. They’re considered standard because the adimus is in what is considered to be its “normal” state, whereas all other adimus classifications classifications are in an abnormal state (mentant-non / rare ) or enhanced by external stimulus. Although mind mage is also considered an enhanced state, it is obtained through individual effort and requires no external stimulus to reach.   Standard Classifications are also the easiest to read in the mentant realm and were the first adimus classifications to be recognized.  

Mentant-Non Classifications

Mentant-Non Classifications
  The term “mentant-non” is technically a misnomer as the original distinction was that the adimus of all mentant-nons have a slight energy fluctuation that prevents them from ever being able to form a mind mage crystal, which is the requirement for elevating from mentant to mind mage. Because mentant-nons have blue auras in the mentant realm, just like regular mentants, the energy fluctuation, when found, was originally seen as just an odd quirk or abnormality that some people had, especially since it could only be detected by a highly skilled mentant or mind-mage.   For a long time mentant-nons were more of a technical classification as only a very small percentage of people even attempt to become mind mages and more barriers exist than just the slight energy fluctuation preventing the creation of mentus quartz. Because of the widely believed premise that every mentant should technically be able to become a mind mage there was a slight stigma placed around anyone who was found to have this condition. The ‘mentant-non’ psudo-classification was coined to signify someone who was considered to be ‘part non’ since it was believed that they couldn’t fully use mentus.   However, over the last several millennia it was discovered that mentant-nons could learn and adapt specific types of mentus skills that normal mentants could not use including quickening, summoning, and channeling.   Specifically channeling, the ability to embed mentus into quartz, was always considered to be a standard mentant ability that some people couldn’t learn. Ironically, anyone who couldn’t learn channeling was also once considered a mentant-non, but once further study into adimus abilities was done, it was revealed that only people that had the mentant-non energy fluctuation could learn channeling.   Though there are several known types of mentant-nons, it is postulated that there are others yet to be discovered.  

Rare Adimus Classifications

Rare adimus classifications are those where the adimus functions in a way completely different from standard or mentant-nons. Either the adimus is missing certain abilities or has additional abilities that are unusual and not caused by an adimus energy fluctuation, like mentant-nons.   With the exception of anti-mentants, there are typically less than 10 people alive in any given rare classification. There are actually typically a few thousand anti-mentants at any given time, but still far less than even the rarest of known mentant-non classifications.  

Special Adimus Classification

Special adimus classifications are those that require a specific condition to be meet. You cannot be born into one of these adimus classes nor can you obtain them through your own actions. They all require external intervention.
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