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An anti-mentant is a person with an adimus abnormality where their adimus energy resonates at a frequency that prevents them from using mentus and accessing the mentant realm. Some anti-mentant can use mandamus but this is just as rare as mandants. In addition, because of this abnormality, anti-mentants are immune to the effects of most mentus directed at them and they also can adversely affect mentus that is being performed around them. A group of anti-mentants exponentially increases this effect and can even block quickening, mentus, and vision in the mentant realm for anyone nearby. The larger the group, the larger the area affected. Anti-mentants cannot undo mentus quartz and have no effect on the use of adimus voice or mandamus.   Though they can lead normal lives, they tend to be ostracized because of their effect on mentus (despite the fact that it is negligible when they are not in groups). The largest group of anti-mentants in the world is in the town of Kelogong. There are several hundred anti-mentants in this small city which makes it completely invisible in the mentant realm.   Anti-mentants have adimus signatures, working adimus immune systems, and can use most other adimus abilities including automatic translation and to some extent, telepathy, though it is much harder for them to send than it is to receive. They can also be the target of adimus markers though normal markers wear off much quicker for them. Sensant markers are still permanent and quickeners can link to anti-mentants and quicken them, provided there is not a large group of anti-mentants causing interference.   Anti-mentants are extremely hard to read in the mentant realm, even for mind mages. In professions where robes are required, they are grouped with nons, so they wear white robes with blue belts.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Rare
Avg. Lifespan 100-120 Years
Official Robe Blue w/ White Belt
Population % < 1%
Understanding The Adimus

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