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Anti-non is just a technical adimus classification with no real purpose except in theoretical discussions. It describes the classification of a person with a dormant adimus, which is technically everyone born until their adimus starts developing around the age of seven.   Scientists determine that an adimus becomes active due to the latent mentus and adimus energy in the environment. This exists even in the Crystal Sands Desert because the desert crystal quartz absorbs adimus energy from people but also still radiates that same energy.   Theoretically, if a person was born in an environment where there was absolutely no latent mentus or adimus energy and is never exposed to anything that could activate the adimus, then they would stay an anti-non. They would have no adimus signature, wouldn’t be able to hold an adimus marker, and wouldn’t be able to use even subconscious adimus abilities.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Rare
Avg. Lifespan 70-90 Years
Official Robe N/A
Population % N/A
Understanding The Adimus

  Terminology & Abilities

  Adimus Classifications (Main Article)

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