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Summoners are rarer than quickeners but still fairly prevalent. Summoner mentus can be used to communicate and commune with sentient animals through the mentant realm. Summoner mentus can also be combined with music to call, or ‘summon’ certain types of animals even from great distances. The type of animal is dependent on the summoner and the music involved and is mostly determined through trial and error.   It's widely misunderstood that summoners mentally control animals, but this is not the case. A summoner’s ability to communicate with animals allows a higher degree of control because animals, in general, are obedient and subservient to people if they can be communicated with and are not being abused or hunted. Summoner mentus acts as a conduit for that communication and can also allow the summoner to form a special bond with compatible animals that give them a deeper understanding, akin to mentant communication, as well as shared access to their senses, abilities, or both.   The summoner classification is easy to detect and can also be tested by their ability to communicate with animals mentantly. Beyond that though, summoner mentus, like quickener mentus is extremely complex and difficult to use. Currently, the only way for a summoner to be trained in their abilities is to go to the Order of Nature, who only take in people who agree to become part of their organization, which strictly guards and maintains the world’s wildlife and animal population.   Summoners who are members of the Order of Nature wear green robes with white belts until they become fully qualified summoners and wear green robes with mandant-purple belts. Summoners not part of the order and therefor considered “unqualified” would technically wear green robes with green belts, similar to healers who are not part of the order. However, only fully qualified summoners are allowed to take jobs outside of the Order of Nature that utilize their summoner abilities. So in practice, unqualified summoners would typically wear the robe of a regular mentant. Because so few exist outside of the order, a fully qualified summoner is highly coveted.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Mentant-Non
Avg. Lifespan 125-150 Years
Official Robe Green w/ Purple Belt
Population % < 1%
Understanding The Adimus

  Terminology & Abilities

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