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A non is a person who is born a mentant but does not exercise or grow their skills throughout their youth, resulting in a weakened adimus and relatively dormant abilities. Their adimus immune system is typically weaker than a normal mentant which results in a shorter lifespan. Nons usually live around 120 years or less. Because public education of mentus is not available in all parts of Mendala, nons are still very prevalent, making up about 10% of the world's population, a figure that has grown from the previous 5% that was common in the millennium before the great war.   Technically, a non is still a mentant and reads as such in the mentant realm, however, if a person doesn’t use mentus by the time they are 20 to 25, they usually won’t ever be able to use it due to a weakened adimus or at most they’ll have very limited mentus abilities. Because of this, their adimus aura is a significantly lighter blue, almost appearing white in the mentant realm. It is at this point they are classified as non.   There is a prevalent societal stigma around nons and they are often treated as second-class citizens. This has repeatedly called into question why they are segregated into their own classification. However, since most adult nons cannot use mentus with any real proficiency, it’s felt that the classification is an important distinction for professions that require mentus.   Nons can still use other adimus abilities including translation, and basic body strengthening through the adimus immune system. As such, many nons train in the warrior guild to become skilled fighters and use their latent adimus energy to enhance their combat abilities.   In professions where robes are required, nons wear white robes with blue belts.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Special
Avg. Lifespan 100-120 Years
Official Robe White w/ Blue Belt
Population % 10%
Understanding The Adimus

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