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Environs are one of the rarest classifications of mentant-nons and one of the hardest to test for. In addition, the special type of mentus they can use is extremely difficult to harness without extensive training. Environs can detect environmental based energies in the mentant realm that are impossible to sense otherwise. This includes things like temperature, air pressure, moisture, precipitation, and other atmospheric and geothermic conditions.   This information is extremely difficult to interpret and most environs—not knowing what they’re sensing—dismiss it as a type of background noise in the mentant realm. However, a skilled environ can not only interpret this information but also use their mentus to manipulate these energies to make changes in the weather or environment. Environ mentus can be used to predict and manipulate the weather of the area they’re in.   Environs are highly coveted in areas and professions dealing as crop growth, terrain management, and even creating favorable conditions for battle. However, without an amplifier, environs can only impact a small area surrounding themselves, at most a few hundred meters, and they cannot make huge weather changes that last for significant periods of time.   The only existing environ mentus amplifier is the weather rod, a special quartz apparatus that runs through the center of weather mountain and was made by a joint effort between the dwarves of Glorandor and the elves of Ellenon. An environ using the weather rod can use much more powerful environ mentus and affect larger areas. However, they must be in physical proximity to it to use it. Use of the weather rod is restricted except at the approval of the Commander of Weather.   Environs are very difficult to classify, and they cannot be detected by realizers. Typically, if someone is seeing unusual information in the mentant realm that is a good indicator. Currently the best way to know for certain if one can use environ mentus is to test them by having them touch the weather rod and see if it responds.   In addition, environ mentus is extremely difficult to learn. The only place an environ can be trained is at Weather Mountain. Like mandants, the Fantasmal Government has a vested interest in training environs, so the school at Weather Mountain can be attended for free as long as a person is an environ. Unlike mandant school, however, the Weather Mountain environ school can only be attended at age fifteen, when a person reaches the age of majority (adulthood), which is also when they would have typically graduated from standard mandamus school.   Environs who are attending school in Weather Mountain wear grey robes with white belts. Those who have reached a sufficient level of mastery that they can take environ related jobs wear grey robes with mandant-purple belts.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Mentant-Non
Avg. Lifespan 150-175 Years
Official Robe Grey w/ Purple Belt
Population % < 1%
Understanding The Adimus

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