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Channeling is the ability to embed mentus energy into quartz, also known as embedded mentus. The skill of the user, the type of mentus, and the type of quartz all contribute to how long an embedded mentus command lasts and how powerful the effect is.   Channlers are the most prevalent classification of mentant-non. In addition, mandants, mind mages, and all other mentant-nons have the channeling ability. Because of this, channeling was originally thought to be a trait that all mentants could learn, but only some had talent in. It was only after extensive research that it was revealed that channeling was specifically a mentant-non trait, and that channelers were a classification of mentant-non all to themselves. Though many adimus classifications share the channeling ability, someone who is classified as a channeler only has the channeling trait and channelers are the more adept with it.   Unlike other mentant-non classifications that have the channeling trait, a skilled channelers can embed extremely powerful mentus effects into even the smallest amounts of quartz and the effects are permanent or semi-permanent in almost all cases. This ability is used in a variety of fields including blacksmithing, woodworking, metalworking, quartzsmithing, and tailoring to name a few. In tailoring especially, channelers are the only classification adept enough to embed mentus into ustus fiber.   Channelers are the second most common adimus classification behind mentants. The vast majority of mentant-nons are channelers. Channelers who are fully-qualified where a blue robe and red belt. Those who are not fully-qualified in a channeler based profession wear blue robes and white belt.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Mentant-Non
Avg. Lifespan 125-150 Years
Official Robe Blue w/ Yellow Belt
Population % 25%
Understanding The Adimus

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