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A guardian is a mandant who has had their adimus potential completely unlocked by the Fantasma through the Fantasmal Signature. This results in a significant increase in adimus energy and abilities similar to how mentus quartz works for mind mages. However, because of how the adimus of a mandant works, the effects are exponentially more powerful, and their adimus voice is also enhanced significantly increasing their mandamus proficiency.   Guardians are the most powerful adimus classification with the notable exception of the Fantasma and epouranals. In comparison, it would take at least ten mind mages to equal the power of one guardian. They have exceptionally large adimus energy pools and much higher resistance to mentus than that of a regular mandant. Only skillmasters and melders can reach the raw power that a guardian wields but guardians are still seen as significantly stronger because of their mandamus abilities.   Only the Fantasmal can turn a mandant into a guardian, and this is completely at his discretion. Though guardians are immensely powerful, they have one role, and that is to serve the Fantasma. Guardians perform many duties for the Fantasma across Mendala. They are respected by all and are considered extremely wise in both spiritual and practical matters.   Guardians always wear a purple robe with a silver belt.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Special
Avg. Lifespan 300-325 Years
Official Robe Purple w/ Silver Belt
Population % < 1%
Understanding The Adimus

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