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Mind Mage

A mentant becomes a mind mage when they can create mentus quartz, which is the product of turning mentant energy into a persistent physical object that acts as an amplifier for their mentus. They can then use this as a source of their mentus energy instead of their own adimus energy. Mentus quartz stores and magnifies a mind mage’s adimus energy by several factors allowing them to use mentus to far greater effect and far more often.   In addition, mind mages have a keener understanding of the information in the mentant realm. They can see the mentant realm layered on top of their regular vision and process the sensations from the realm subconsciously. Though guardians are significantly more powerful than mind mages in terms of adimus energy, mind mages often have much better mentus sense and can detect things in the mentant realm that guardians, and most other adimus classifications, cannot. Only sensants have keener mentant sense.   It was once believed that anyone could become a mind mage with enough training and practice. However, as the study of adimus abilities has progressed, it’s been determined that, in fact, only a pure mentant with no unusual adimus energy fluctuations, can create stable mentus quartz. In addition, though any mentant can technically become a mind mage, it requires an extremely strong and well trained adimus, meaning that extensive mentus training should start no later than age fourteen and continue for about eight to twelve years. Most children enter mentus school at age 12, so it’s possible to become a mind mage between age 20 and 25 if they continue their studies through advanced mentus school at 15, and masters school at 17. However, since the vast majority of the mentant population can’t do either, (some can’t even attend regular mentant school) mind mages are very rare.   It is typically impossible to become a mind mage if you aren’t studying intensely from an early age, when the adimus is most flexible. The adimus finishes developing at age twelve and that’s when a person’s adimus energy pool is usually fixed. For the next fifteen to twenty years, a person can grow and develop their adimus skills to the limit of what their active learning memory and adimus energy will allow. After that adimus skills usually can’t grow any further, which means their adimus has reached its maximum potential for life. For this reason, if a person cannot become a mind mage by age 30, it is usually seen as impossible. Similar to guardians, once a person becomes a mind mage, they are able to continue growing their mentus abilities to an almost unlimited state.   Mind mages always wear robes that mark their adimus rank, a custom that dates back millennia as becoming a mind mage is seen as a point of pride. The robes are mentant-blue with silver belts. In addition, mind mages traditional store their mentus quartz in a mind mage scepter. Styles vary based on taste, but most are long silver or golden rods with the crystal embedded at the tip. Mind mages are also nearly impossible to distinguish from regular mentants in the mentant realm or by realizer, only another mind mage can usually see the difference.  

Mentus Quartz

Mentus quartz is not, in fact, quartz. It is pure mentus energy that has solidified into a permanent physical form. It takes the shape of a crystal and is often called a mind mage crystal. Properly formed mentus quartz will not lose its integrity and will not leak mentus energy. Once created it cannot be undone by anything other than much more powerful mentus, typically that of a guardian. Even still, a mind mage can recreate their mentus quartz with relative ease if it’s undone, although they cannot have more than one at any given time.   A mind mage crystal can also be tuned similar to how quickeners tune their staffs. A mind mage can use mentus quartz to detect certain types of energies and recognize variations of quartz. They can also absorb latent mentus energy in the atmosphere.   Mentus quartz is directly connected to its creator’s adimus signature, so it cannot be used by any other mentant or mind mage.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Standard
Avg. Lifespan 250-275 Years
Official Robe Blue w/ Silver Belt
Population % 2%
Understanding The Adimus

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