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A crystal non is a person born and raised in the Crystal Sands Desert. Because of the desert crystal, which is prevalent throughout the entire desert, anyone living in the desert for an extended period time is incapable of using any adimus related abilities, the desert crystal completely drains adimus energy. However, these abilities return once they leave the desert.   However, if a person who’s born in the desert and lives their first seven to ten years there, this permanently suppresses the development of adimus abilities and they won’t grow even if they leave the desert afterward. They will be unable to use mentus or mandamus abilities for the rest of their lives without external intervention. Crystal nons read as pure white in the mentant realm and in professions where robes are required, crystal-nons wear white robes with white belts.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Special
Avg. Lifespan 70-90 Years
Official Robe White w/ White Belt
Population % 1.5%
Understanding The Adimus

  Terminology & Abilities

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