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Sensants are an extremely rare mentant-non classification. Sensants can access the mentant realm in a way that enhances all of their other senses. Their adimus is wired in a way that links their natural senses directly to their mentus sense, allowing them to naturally extend their physical senses into the mentant realm and use them at long distances.   Because this occurs naturally for them, even a novice sensant can see and hear at great distances without any training. A skilled sensant can usually also use their sense of smell though taste and touch are typically not available to be used in the mentant realm. Like mind mages, an adept sensant can access the mentant realm without having to close their eyes or concentrate in any meaningful way. Some describe it as seeing the world from above or being able to be in two places as once depending on how they use their abilities.   Unlike most other mentant-non mentus classifications, sensant mentus comes almost completely naturally to the user. Because their brains are wired to accept the massive amount of information coming in through the mentant realm, it is not a burden for the sensant, and they quickly adapt to it at a young age. Sensant abilities usually form between the age of seven and ten and because of how they can access the mentant realm, they are usually easy to identify even though they cannot be accurately detected by a realizer.   Sensants are the only adimus classification that can place an infinite amount of adimus markers on people and their special adimus markers, known as sensant markers, usually cannot be detected, or removed by the target. Another unique trait of sensant markers is that they can be placed automatically without the sensant having to consciously think about it. Sensants can also easily organize and categorize their markers without issue.   Though sensants have keener mentant sense than mind mages, like every other mentant-non classification, they cannot create mentus quartz.   Sensants are extremely coveted in a variety of positions including military, espionage, and even sports. Sensants do not have an official robe designation because in most cases they do not wish to advertise their unusual adimus classification, so there was no push for there to be a formal robe for them. In professions where robes are required, they where the blue robe and white belt of a mentant.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Mentant-Non
Avg. Lifespan 150-175 Years
Official Robe N/A
Population % < 1%
Understanding The Adimus

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