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Divine Head of Global Government

Fantasma is the name, adimus rank, and position of the person who sits at the top of the world government and arguably holds the most raw power of anyone with the possible exception of the epouranals. The word Fantasma is derived from the ancient Mendalian language and means "Greatest Servant" which defines their role in the world, to serve all of the peoples of Mendala. The Fantasma is chosen by the epouranal council and once picked, that person no longer goes by their former name, they are thereafter known as Fantasma until they retire or die.  


On the last day of what would be the last year of the PM era, the twelve epouranal mages gathered outside the estate of Raymond Rensfield, a wealthy merchant and landowner who lived west of the Crystal Sands Desert. Each epouranal had been in prayer and meditation in their own separate places, seeking an answer for the people's request for a world government. They were all led to that estate on the eve of the new year for the same purpose. That night, they entered the estate under the light of a new moon, bright yellow, which would be called Normenia.   When Raymond heard that the twelve epouranals had come to his land seeking the man who would lead Mendala, he immediately went to greet them, thinking that he had been chosen, for many had thought he should attempt to form a world government. He was surprised, however, when the epouranals asked to see Jeremiah Fantas, who was a slave in Raymond's estate.   Jeremiah’s family had been enslaved for so long, that his surname was "Fantas," which meant "servant." He along with his wife Ester, and his young daughter Sarah, all worked in the Rensfield estate. They were extremely poor and were not even trained in basic mentus. Still, Raymond treated all his slaves very fairly and made sure they were well taken care of.   The twelve epouranals took Jeremiah from the estate that very night and told him that he had been chosen to lead the new world government. Jeremiah was skeptical of this pronouncement, despite the fact that all twelve of the highest prophets of the land agreed. To prove to Jeremiah and the world that he was to be the new world leader, the epouranals used their combined power to transport him to the tallest mountain in the Lumarian mountain range, and they left him there saying that he was to move the mountain to the isthmus between Candovia and Lumaria and that would prove that he was to be the leader of the world.   Of course, such a thing was unheard of. No single person could perform such an act using mentus, and Jeremiah was not even skilled in mentus. However, he was a man of great faith and spiritual conviction. So, being faced with the impossible, Jeremiah prayed to God and his prayer was answered. Some say it was a messenger of God, but many texts purport that the actual voice of The Almighty spoke to him. The words below are believed to be what was said to Jeremiah on that day.   “I have given mankind dominion over the world. Speak your authority and it shall be done, but if you find your will to be lacking, call upon My authority and nothing shall be impossible for that which you have dominion. This is the gift that you, and anyone you teach, can have. But you shall be the greatest of them all. You shall no longer be known as ‘Fantas’, a mere servant, but from hence forth you are Fantasma: My Greatest Servant."   Jeremiah was then given the words he needed to speak, "Mittius Mandamus Mocomon Levrious," and which in ancient Mendalian translated to "By god’s authority, I command this mountain to move." When he repeated these words, the mountain heeded his command and was instantaneously transported to the isthmus between Lumaria and Candovia. This was the birth of mandamus.   The event was so phenomenal that people around the world sensed it in the mentant realm but could not figure out what force had moved the mountain. Standing on top of the newly moved mountain, the epouranals used their mentus to proclaim throughout the mentant realm, that Jeremiah Fantas was now the Fantasma, leader of Mendala.  

Political Rank & Authority

The Fantasma is the divine leader of world government, holding the highest political authority in all the lands. This is validated by the fact that they are chosen and given their power by the epouranal council, the highest spiritual leaders of the world. Because of this, the authority of the Fantasma, for the most part, has always gone unquestioned. Everyone who has attempted to challenge a Fantasma has failed due to their overwhelming power.   Although the Fantasma has the absolute authority to run the world government in any way they see fit, the first Fantasma, Jerimiah Fantas, created the Fantasmal Government, a global governing body with multiple divisions and functions. It handles global legislation and policy and provides order, structure and even limitations to its own power and the power of the Fantasma. This was done so that cities and nations around the world would accept the rule of the Fantasma without the constant need to be forcibly made to comply.   As the highest authority, the Fantasma is bound by his own word and oaths, even those made by previous incarnations, as such, the Fantasma always operates within the self-imposed restrictions of the Fantasmal Government unless clear exceptions allow otherwise.  

Adimus Rank And Power

Fantasma is a special adimus rank that can only be given to a person when all twelve epouranal mages come together. It is one of the two most powerful adimus ranks in existence, the other being that of epouranal mage.   The Fantasma has an extremely high adimus energy pool and can use mentus and mandamus that is exponentially more powerful than that of a guardian. Unlike epouranals, their adimus energy is not infinite, nor are they directly tied to a source of supernal energy. However the Fantasma can use mandamus, which epouranals cannot (or just do not) use. In addition, the Fantasma's adimus immune system is extremely powerful, making them immune to all illness and incapable of sustaining injury for any significant length of time.   Because of their high adimus energy pools, the Fantasma can use extremely complex mandamus that requires their own energy to accomplish, this includes the ability to unlock the full potential of another person's adimus, a skill that is most often used to grant guardians and Fantasmal Knights, their power.  

Divine Calling And Appointment

Despite all of the power and authority given to the Fantasma, their role is to serve the nations of peoples of Mendala. The word "Fantasma" roughly translating to "Greatest Servant" is a constant reminder to the one who holds the position that their role is not to "rule" but to "serve."   The Fantasma is divinely appointed by the twelve epouranals. When the current Fantasma dies or retires, the epouranal mages go into meditation for several days and return with the name of the next Fantasma. With the notable exception of the first Fantasma, the Fantasma has always been a guardian. However there is no rule stating that this must be the case.   The Fantasma is inaugurated into office through a special private ritual that has never been documented but involves the twelve epouranals transferring the power of the previous Fantasma onto the new one including the adimus signature and identity of “Fantasma." From that point on, the previous person ceases to exist, and they become the Fantasma. For previous Fantasmas that are retired, this means that they regain their old identity and can live out the rest of their lives as their former selves.  

Fantasmal Signature

Because the Fantasma has a supernal adimus signature which remains constant from one Fantasma to the next, it is often used as a means to assure the authenticity of certain objects, in the same way an artist or craftsman's adimus signature can be used to prove that they created a particular work. This is known as the Fantasmal Signature.   The Lostram Bank uses the Fantasmal Signature to stamp every single centar coin to prove its authenticity. This allows forgeries to be easily spotted. In the same way, specific colors of ustus fabric, namely gold, silver, and mandant-purple, are marked with the Fantasmal Signature when used in official robes which are highly regulated since they are used to denote a person's rank. In both cases this is done using a special device, which is carefully guarded by those responsible for using it.   The Fantasma Signature is also found in the adimus of a person that has had their adimus fully unlocked by the Fantasma. This is done when the Fantasma promotes guardians and Fantasmal-nons, and it essentially embeds the Fantasmal Signature into the person's adimus in a simillar way to how it would be embedded in quartz. This essentially "marks" the person as one who serves the Fantasma. It's distinctly different from someone using high-level mentus to directly affect another person's adimus which can leave a residual trace of the user's adimus signature that fades after a short period of time.
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