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This is the rarest adimus classification. Melders are so rare that it is not uncommon for several hundred years to pass between the death of one melder and the birth of another.   Melders can see all spectrums and frequencies of energy in the mentant realm without any training or need for concentration. They can then use their special mentus to manipulate these energies. By touching an object, they can manipulate, enhance, or drain its innate energy. An untrained melder is highly dangerous to themselves and others. Because so few exist it is hard for them to learn to control and hone their abilities.   However, a skilled melder has a vast range of abilities that make them formidable, even to guardians. Because a melder can see and manipulate energy, they can drain the energy from anything, even the latent energy in their surrounding environment if they are focusing. This can stymie a mandant or guardian as it renders mandamus almost completely ineffective if a melder has already sucked the energy out of whatever the mandamus is trying to manipulate.   Melders can use their own adimus energy to manipulate and even fundamentally change the energy in something else. They can easily undo any mentus or mandamus energy-based attack directed at them since they can see and manipulate all types of energy. They can also undo mentus embedded in quartz, allowing them to break barriers or any sort of quartz-based security. They can draw power from objects by manipulating the energy and turning it into adimus energy.   They are also able to manipulate the adimus energy or even life force of living beings including people. This means things like temporarily enhancing or disabling a person’s adimus based abilities, draining or replenishing the adimus, and directly draining or replenishing life force, though they cannot drain a person to their death, only into a sleep or comma-like state. Because of this, highly skilled melders are capable of curing or causing physical illness by bypassing or manipulating a person’s adimus immune system. However, they are limited by the will of the person they are trying to affect.   Melders powers are so rare and unique that they are the most feared adimus classification because of what they are capable of doing even when they are not in complete control of their abilities. Though melders abilities require a lot of adimus energy, they typically have regular sized or only slightly larger adimus energy pools. Melder abilities can be taxing and quickly cause adimus fatigue. A trained melder can makeup for this by manipulating the energy in their environment to replenish their adimus energy, but it requires significant skill and concentration and can sometimes result in no net gain.   Ironically, melders have a significantly hard time using mentus. Despite mentus being a type of energy manipulation, a melder’s adimus energy operates in a way that doesn’t allow them to convert it into mentus energy and thus use regular mentus skills. They can only manipulate what’s already available in the world around them. They typically use this to mimic the effects of mentus for their own purposes though it reads differently in the mentant realm. Their abnormal adimus energy also makes for an extremely difficult to read their adimus signature. They are difficult to see at all in the mentant realm. Only quickeners, mind mages, guardians, and sensants can successfully put an adimus marker on a melder.   Melders can’t create mentus quartz or use mandamus. However, melders are highly resistant to mentus being used on them except when in physical contact with the person using it. In addition, melders are adversely affected by certain exotic energy, such as temporal or dimensional energy such that it can significantly cripple them.   Because of their rarity, melders don’t have a robe and belt color designated for them. Most melders try to hide their classification and pretend to be either nons or regular mentants.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Rare
Avg. Lifespan 275-300 Years
Official Robe N/A
Population % N/A
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