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Mandant-nons are extremely rare. They refer to a mentant-non who can also use mandamus. Typically, the two are mutually exclusive and they are so rare that the term is almost never used even for those who meet the criterial.   In practice, this just gives a person the ability to choose multiple career paths, either as a mandant or as whatever their mentant-non specialty is. Because of the stigma attached to having both a mentant-non ability and the ability to use mandamus, mandant-nons almost never identify themselves as such and simply take on the adimus classification of whatever path they’ve decided to pursue.   Because of their design, the realizer would only detect the mentant-non classification of the mandant-non. Mandant-nons also read as mentant-nons in the mentant realm; their ability to use mandamus is apparently obscured. A mind mage is probably the only person who could really detect the distinction in the mentant realm, but since it’s so rare, it almost always goes unnoticed.   In professions where robes are required, they wear the robe that goes with whatever path they choose.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Rare
Avg. Lifespan 250-275 Years
Official Robe N/A
Population % < 1%
Understanding The Adimus

  Terminology & Abilities

  Adimus Classifications (Main Article)

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