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Commander of Weather

The Commander of Weather, like weather masters, are bound directly to the weather rod and because of this have access to higher level environ-mentus. However, as Commander of Weather, they have the highest authority over the rod and have unrestricted access to its power, unlike normal weather masters who are only able to access part of its power. The Commander of Weather is responsible for maintaining the normal balance of weather around the world, and their deeper connection to the weather rod allows them the ability to sense the condition of the planet and the environment in any area.   The Commander of Weather is chosen by the Weather Rod itself. Its core is similar to a quickener staff core in that it has a psyche that develops a slight will of its own. The psyche bonds with certain weather masters more than others depending on a myriad of factors and it is through analyzing these bonds that the rod appoints a new Commander of Weather.   Though the Commander of Weather wields more raw power through the weather rod, it is not significant enough to rank them much higher than a weather master. In comparison to other adimus ranks they are right around the same level as mind mages and mandants as far as raw power.   The Commander of Weather always wears a grey robe and gold belt. In addition, due their bond with the weather rod, they have a quartz crystal embedded in their head.
Adimus Classification
Subcategory Special
Avg. Lifespan 250-275 Years
Official Robe Grey w/ Gold Belt
Population % N/A
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