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The adimus is the part of the brain that contains the Active Learning Memory and controls a person's ability to use a myriad of high-level senses and abilities including: mentus, mandamus, telepathic communication, and more. The adimus starts developing at birth and typically becomes active around age seven and finishes fully developing by age twelve. As people learn and master new adimus skills they strengthen their adimus, similar to how exercise can strengthen muscles.   The more a person uses adimus-based abilities, the stronger those abilities become and the easier it is for them to use more complex abilities. This growth is not infinite though. A person’s adimus becomes less flexible and capable of growth around age thirty unless they obtain an adimus boost, which typically happens when a person promotes to a higher adimus rank. If that happens, adimus growth can potentially be near unlimited.  

Adimus Energy

Adimus energy is the pool of energy located in the adimus that governs how much a person can use adimus enabled abilities before becoming fatigued. It is self-replenishing, especially when a person is resting or asleep. Adimus energy is finite, but it’s difficult to measure. A person can feel when their adimus energy pool is becoming low, but its hard to quantify what actions deplete a person’s adimus faster as this can be different based on the person’s race, skill, classification, and more.   Everyone’s adimus energy pool is fixed by the time they reach age twelve, and certain adimus classifications have far more adimus energy than others. Some researchers believe that it may be possible to increase one’s adimus energy pool between age seven and twelve, while the adimus is still developing. While there are some anecdotes that support this, it has not been officially proven. The only thing that can definitively change the amount of adimus energy a person has is if their adimus is boosted by the Fantasma or an epouranal mage.   Pushing the limits of one’s adimus energy pool can cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. This is known as adimus fatigue, and if done frequently can lead to illness or injury.  

Active Learning Memory (ALM)

  The active learning memory is the adimus equivalent of a person’s IQ. It has a direct correlation with how powerful a person’s adimus abilities are and how quickly they can master them. Most mandants have a significantly higher active learning memory than others, but this is not always the case. Unlike adimus energy, ALM can be improved with practice and study. ALM cannot be directly measured, but its potency can be seen by reading a person’s adimus signature, and high ALM is easy for a skilled adimus user to spot.  

Adimus Signature

A person’s adimus signature is a distinct energy pattern found in the adimus which a skilled adimus user can read and interpret. The adimus signature can be seen in the mentant realm as part of a person’s overall aura, which is projected out from most people as a result of their adimus energy. However, a person cannot see their own aura in the mentant realm without special tools.   The adimus signature is like a fingerprint and can uniquely identify a person, however it requires high level mentus, usually honed by mind mages or higher, to be able to do this with any ease, in the same way a lay person couldn’t stare at a fingerprint and easily identify its owner. Highly skilled mentus users such as channeler, quickeners, and guardians can purposefully embed their adimus signature into quartz-based objects as a way of identifying its creator or owner. However anyone who uses a quartz-based object for extended period of time, typically years, will eventually leave traes of their adimus signature on it.   Though identification of a person by their adimus signature is difficult, it's impact on a person's aura in the mentant realm can often be used to denote their adimus classification. For example: a mandant’s adimus signature is significantly different from someone who cannot use mandamus, and it makes their aura appear purple. This makes them easily recognizable in the mentant realm since all other adimus auras are some shade of blue. For most other adimus ranks, the change is far more subtle, but a skilled mentus user can still detect the difference.   In general, all adimus signatures are unique, but there are notable exceptions known as the supernal adimus signatures. The Fantasma, Daughter of the Sun, and epouranal mages all have inheritable adimus signatures. Once a person assumes one of these roles, their birth adimus signature is overwritten with that of the one associated with the role. This is a natural phenomenon that has never been successfully explained by science and is considered a symbol of the divine authority granted to these positions. It also allows the Fantasmal adimus signature to be used in unique ways. (See: Fantasmal Signature)  

Adimus Abilities

There are many abilities made possibly by the adimus. Some of them are unconscious abilities while others require intense skill and training.  


  The adimus can send and receive telepathic communication to one or many people. While receiving telepathic communications is automatic for anyone with an active adimus, starting around age seven, sending them requires training, especially sending targeted or covert communications.  


  The adimus stores an imprint of a person’s language skills directly from the language center of the brain. This allows a person to automatically translate any language they know into their primary language (which is the language a person thinks in). In addition, the adimus automatically transmits a person’s spoken words into every language they unconsciously know. It is a type of automatic telepathic translation that is done subconsciously. This is different from normal telepathy since it requires a person to speak and cannot be targeted or controlled.   This allows people who share a common language to understand each other regardless of what language they are currently speaking. It develops by age twelve and only works with a language that a person knows significantly well.  

Adimus Immune System

  The adimus immune system activates at age seven as the adimus develops and grows stronger the more a person uses adimus abilities. It provides resistance to almost all natural illnesses and diseases, heals injuries and wounds quickly, and provides various levels of resistance to physical and adimus based abilities or attack, largely based on a person’s adimus classification. The adimus immune system also strengthens a person’s body and extends their lifespan. These effects increase exponentially based on adimus classification.   Just as exercise increases physical abilities and stamina, continuous practice and use of the adimus, without pushing it constantly to fatigue state, increases the adimus immune system. This results in enhanced durability, speed, and other heightened physical senses, without the need to use mentus for temporary boosts.   Adimus immunity will fail, however, if a person’s adimus energy is at or near depletion, or injury far exceeds what can be repaired before death. An external influx of adimus energy can be used to temporarily boost a person’s adimus immunity to two or three times its normal abilities, but this can only be performed by mandants or guardians.  


Read Full Article: Mentus   Mentus uses a part of the adimus called the permutare, that converts adimus energy into energy that can be used and manipulated by the wielder for various results. This is the most versatile of adimus abilities. Mentus can be used for various telekinetic abilities, energy barriers, temporary body strengthening and enhancement beyond what the adimus immune system gives, and  the creation and manipulation of energy-based fire, known as mentus fire. There are many other ways mentus energy can be used and the ability is limited only by one’s skill and imagination. However, because adimus energy is finite, mentus usually cannot be used for large effects unless one has an exceptionally large adimus energy pool or is a mind mage, with the ability to store large quantities of adimus energy in their scepter.   Certain mentant abilities are only available to specific adimus classifications since they are reliant on specific subtle differences in a person’s adimus signature that control these skills. This is mostly seen with mentant-non classifications.  

Adimus Vision

  This is the ability to access the mentant realm. Though considered a mentus skill, adimus vision is actually separate from mentus since it doesn't require the permutare to use. In addition, a person's adimus classification affects what they're able to sense in the mentant realm. For example, quickeners, mind mages, environs, and sensants all have different levels of access to the mentant realm and can interpret the information there differently. It can take years to interpret the signals seen with adimus vision. Like other adimus abilities, constant use of adimus vision helps it improve over time.  

Adimus Voice

See Also: Mandamus / Quickener Call   This is the ability to infuse adimus energy into one’s voice, which is used for mandamus as well as quickener calls. Adimus voice resonates at a specific frequency that can be used to transmit a person’s will into the surrounding environment.   For a quickener call, it stimulates the part of one’s own adimus that holds a specific quickener connection, which in turn sends a signal through the quickener link to that quickener’s staff. Because the quickener call is essentially self-referential, the animus’s own natural frequency is used. This is the simplest type of adimus voice and requires little skill. It can be done almost unconsciously by anyone with an adimus.   Adimus voice for mandamus is completely different as it seems to involve using a specific and unique energy frequency. Because its impossible to measure, its unknown if the frequency is based on the object being controlled, the type of command, the person issuing it, or all three. It’s believed that this is the reason why only certain people can use mandamus, since their adimus signature allows them to create that special frequency with their voice.
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