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Supernal Adimus Signature

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All world leaders have one very unique thing in common. They carry what is known as a supernal adimus signature. This means that when a person is granted the position of a world leader, whether it’s an epouranal, the Fantasma, or the Daughter of the Sun, their adimus signature is overwritten and becomes an exact copy of the adimus signature of that position. This means that in the mentant realm, they look like the previous holder of the position to those who can discern specific adimus signatures.   Adimus signatures are similar to DNA in that every person’s adimus signature is unique and they can’t be changed. Even when someone’s adimus rank changes, like from mentant to mind mage, it has no impact on their adimus signature. Supernal adimus signatures are different. When a person gains a world leader position, their adimus signature is immediately overwritten and the same supernal signature is passed to each person who holds that role. Since the Fantasma is the only world leadership role that can retire, if one does, they regain their previous adimus signature when the Fantasma role is passed to another person.   Aside from being a scientific curiosity, supernal signatures serve a few key roles. Since a person’s adimus signature is typically found on quartz-based tools or other objects that they use consistently, it’s easy for historians and scholars to determine if an artifact belonged to a specific world leader since the adimus signature would always be the same throughout the years.   Notably, the Fantasma’s adimus signature, known as the Fantasmal Signature, is used to authenticate currency and certain types of regulated ustus which is done by using a special device to apply the signature directly to quartz in a very specific way. This is done so that counterfeit money or ustus can be easily recognized since it would not have the Fantasmal Signature embedded in it.   One final important use for supernal signatures concerns master seals. A master seal is an unbreakable seal that can be placed on any object or location by an epouranal mage. Only someone with a supernal adimus signature can undo the seal.
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