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World Leaders (Main Article)

Despite the ever-changing political landscape of Mendala, there are three recognized world powers that stand above every country and city around the world. They are the three pillars of world leadership: the epouranals, the Fantasma, and the Daughter of the Sun. All three are similar in that they have undisputed divine authority and each has a supernal adimus signature.

Divine Authority (Main Article)

Divine Authority is the Mendalian concept that all world leaders carry undisputable authority and power explicitly granted by the heavens. This has been in place since the epouranals unequivocally proved beyond all doubt that they were indeed divine prophets. Their authority validates the other divinely appointed leaders. It is the general belief that the people that hold divine authority are “fundamentally good.” This doesn’t imply that they are perfect or will not make unpopular decisions. It’s simply a belief that they will never abuse their power or step outside of the role that was given to them. If they did, that role would somehow be taken away from them.  

The Supernal Signature (Main Article)

Every person has an adimus signature. They are similar to DNA in that every person’s adimus signature is unique and they can’t be changed. Even when someone’s adimus rank changes, like from mentant to mind mage, it has no impact on their adimus signature. Supernal adimus signatures are different. When a person gains a world leader position, their adimus signature is immediately overwritten and the same supernal signature is passed to each person who holds that role. This means that in the mentant realm, they look like the previous holder of the position to those who can discern specific adimus signatures.
High Mage Seraphina Goodall by eexad00

Epouranals: Divine Prophets

See Also: Epouranal Mage | Epouranal Council   The twelve epouranals are the divine prophets of the lands, and they hold the highest spiritual authority in the world. Legend has it that the first epouranals were granted their position and authority by a covenant with God. Though the exact details are vague, its proven by their connection with divine beasts of the heavens known as epourtherions. Each epouranal mage is connected to a specific epourtherion, and through that connection, they not only receive insight from the heavens but also divine protection. Even the largest nations in the world would be reduced to ash if they tried to attack an epouranal. All people, even those who do not hold deep spiritual beliefs, recognize the epouranals’ divinely appointed role and it is through the epouranals that the two other pillars of world leadership were codified.   There are always exactly twelve epouranals and when one dies, another is divinely chosen by their epourtherion. The epouranals main functions are to impart prophetic word, give spiritual guidance and teachings, and maintain spiritual history. They do not participate in politics or government except in the appointment of a new Fantasma or in a very limited role as the Epouranal Council as requested by the Fantasma. Epouranals do not interfere in local governments or lead any sort of formal religion. As a result, institutional religion is almost completely non-existent on Mendala and spirituality is considered a personal journey.
Fantasma by eexad00

Fantasma: Divine Head of Global Government

See Also: Fantasma | Fantasmal Government   The Fantasma is the leader of the global government, known as the Fantasmal Government. The Fantasma is the second pillar of world leadership and was first appointed over 4000 years after the epouranals were brought into the world. The Fantasma is the result of the people’s constant clamoring for some sort of global governing body, a request that had been made to the epouranals on and off for over a thousand years. At the end of 4040 PM, the epouranals seemingly answered this request by appointing the very first Fantasma. The Fantasma’s role is not only codified by the epouranals, but because they also hold power equal or greater to an epouranal, cities and nations willingly recognize their divine appointment.   The Fantasma does not enforce one world rule under one government. Instead, the Fantasmal Government exists to create global law, regulate the global economy, and manage certain specific resources that are a benefit to all peoples. The Fantasmal Government works with independent cities and nations to do this instead of creating and enforcing laws without any input, which is another reason why it is widely accepted. The Fantasmal Government also does not interfere in wars between domains except in certain circumstances. When a Fantasma dies or retires, the twelve epouranal mages come together and appoint a new Fantasma who gains the powers, adimus rank, and adimus signature of his predecessor.
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Daughter of the Sun: Divine Caretaker

See Also: Daughter of the Sun | Sunnin Social System   The Daughter of the Sun is the divinely appointed caretaker to the people of Mendala. Like the epouranals, it is said that the first Daughter of the Sun, Ester Fantas, gained her position and authority through a covenant with God. The proof of that covenant is her connection to the powerful supernal artifact known as the Sun Stone. Only the Daughter of the Sun can use the Sun Stone and it grants her a myriad of abilities.   The Daughter of the Sun is seen as a balance to the bureaucracy of world government offered by the Fantasma. As the caretaker of the people, the Daughter of the Sun always acts in the best interest of the peoples of the world in order to better everyone’s lives. She does this by helping to ensure that everyone has the things they need to live a fulfilled life including housing, education, food, and healthcare. This is done through the free programs offered through the Sunnin Social System which was created by the Daughter of the Sun. In addition, the Daughter of the Sun works to garner peace between the various domains. She mediates wars and conflicts and helps find common ground and peaceful resolutions.   The Daughter of the Sun is loved by all, and the Sunnin Social System constantly helps people all around the world. Because of this, she is often the most highly revered of all three pillars of leadership.