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Epouranal Council

The Epouranal Council is the name given to the twelve epouranal mages and more specifically refers to the gathering of the epouranals that occurs every seven months at Fantasmal Mountain.   The council only serves two very limited roles in global government. They select the new Fantasma when the previous one dies or retires, and, at the request of the Fantasma, they arbitrate challenges to the Fantasmal Government when other leaders feel that the Fantasma has overstepped their authority.   When the council meets at Fantasmal Mountain, they routinely impart wisdom or prophecy, and will usually answer questions from the leaders gathered there.  


The formation of the council was requested by the first Fantasma, Jeremiah Fantas, as a way to guarantee a periodic audience within the global government for the benefit of the Fantasma and leaders around the world. Before the council, it was rare to see multiple epouranals together at any given time.   The epouranals agreed to the Fantasma’s request, stating that they would meet at Fantasmal Mountain every seven months. Though full attendance at every council meeting could not be guaranteed, the epouranals would make reasonable attempts to be present.   This simple concession was a huge shock to leaders around the world as such a thing was unheard of. Epouranals almost never answered the call of a national or city leader, no matter how prominent they were. The fact that they agreed to recurring meetings at the request of the Fantasma was a clear sign of the relationship between the two parties.   This was further confirmed at the first epouranal council when High Mage Samson Lightheart first spoke to those gathered in the council hall, stating that the epouranals and Fantasma served in equally important roles in the world, and thus it was natural that they support one another in those roles when possible.  

Roles & Responsibilities

The epouranals serve a very limited role in Fantasmal Government. The main role, and the only one they are obligated to perform, is selecting the new Fantasma when the previous one dies or retires. The twelve epouranals typically go into prayer and meditation for a few days and then all gather together at the same time at the location of the chosen person to perform the ritual that will elevate them to the role of Fantasma. The Fantasma has always been chosen from among the guardians, but it has never been stated that this is a prerequisite.   At the request of the Fantasma, the epouranal council also serves as the final arbitrators in a situation where the Fantasmal Government is being challenged by lower government leaders or their representatives. The caveat is that the challenge has to rise to the level of something that the epouranals feel is worthy of arbitrating. This has only happened a few times. In all other cases, if the epouranals refuse to arbitrate, then the challenge must be dropped.   In addition to this, the epouranal council agreed to meet at Fantasmal Mountain once every seven months as a way of making themselves available to the Fantasma and global leaders periodically. Not all epouranals meet for this council every time, but it is always more than half. Because of the rarity of multiple epouranals gathered in one place, the council hall is always packed with government representatives and Fantasmal Staff.   During the full day council session, the epouranals take turns speaking on whatever topics they feel are important, sometimes reveal prophetic word, and will even answer a limited number of questions on most occasions.
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