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Mendala is a small planet with four continents and a few small islands. It is approximately than 2/3 the size of Earth and has far less land mass.   The four main continents of Mendala are small and relatively close together. Approximately 80% of the planet is ocean. There is so much ocean east of Eastern and west of Sunntondra that it’s impractical to sail from one to the other without going above or below the Lumaria / Candovia landmass. Similarly, traveling from the northern edge of Lumaria to the southern edge of Candovia is equally impractical. It is rumored that there may be another significant landmass on the other side of the planet somewhere in the vast ocean, but this has never been confirmed.   Notably, the Mendalain ocean is not named and it's all considered one vast body of water.   Population Statistics   Total Population: ≈175,000,000   Though there are a few large countries, most of the population is spread far apart in smaller countries, independent cities, and small towns. Humans are by far the dominant race on the planet and the races tend to live separately for the most part.    
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