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The northern continent, Lumaria is named after Lumio, one of the twelve epourtherions, or beasts of the heaven, that are connected to the epouranal mages. Lumaria has the largest mountain range of all four continents and the most mountains overall. Some famous landmarks of the continent include:  
  • Cirinian Valley – Headquarters of the Order of Nature
  • Glorandor – The longstanding nation of dwarves
  • Ellenon – The longstanding nation of elves
  • Great Trinnadean Lake – The largest lake in the world
  • Weather Mountain – home of the weather rod, the quartz-based device that balances weather on Mendala.

Lumarian Mountains

  The largest mountain range in the world, situated on the east of Lumaria, the Lumarian Mountains take up over a third of the entire continent. It is fabled that Fantasmal Mountain was once situated in the Lumarian Mountain range before Jeremiah Fantas moved it, but no one knows where. The Lumarian mountain range is home to hundreds of towns and cities large and small. There are also dozens of dead towns lost to time. Because of the sheer vast nature of the mountain range and the abundance of quartz, a complete mapping of the mountains was never possible. Only major landmarks are known.   Towns within the mountains are impossible to quicken to, and none of them have a Fantasmal Government outpost since they are not qualified to be members of the House of Vurbis. There are many towns within the mountains whose locations are a complete mystery.   The Lumarian Mountains are named after Lumio because the Lumio Epouranal Mage normally makes their home somewhere within the mountains, it could be in Cirinian Valley, one of the many cities or towns, or just in a solitary home. This depends on the individual incarnation of the epouranal.  

Gloran Mountains

  Situated on the north-western edge of Lumaria, the Gloran Mountains are named after Gloran, one of the twelve epourtherions. The dwarven nation of Glorandor is situated beneath these mountains. Weather Mountain is also a part of this particular range. Gloran mountains are named such because the this is typically the place where the Gloran Epouranal Mage makes their home, normally inside the hidden nation of Glorandor.  

Great Trinnadean Lake

  This is the largest lake in the world by far. Most other lakes do not even reach a tenth of the size of Trinnadean. It is named after Trinnadea, one of the twelve epourtherions. It is rumored that the Trinnadea Epouranal Mage makes their home somewhere around this lake, or perhaps inside the lake itself. The lake is the world’s largest supply of freshwater fish and several countries and independent cities via for control of its use. However, Ellenon, exerts the most control over the lake, though they do not go as far as to try and take complete control over it, instead they actively stop other countries from exerting full rights to the lake, stating that it’s a natural resource available to all.
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