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The easternmost and smallest of the four continents of Mendala, named after Estervan, one of the twelve epourtherions. Estern is sparsely populated and there are only independent towns and cities. This is mostly because there are very few natural resources. Notable Landmarks include:  
  • Munio Mountain – the only Order of Nature preserve open to the public
  • Phara Mountain – A protected area where the majority of the world’s phara birds make their nests.

Parmes Mountains

  The largest mountain range on Estern containing several small mining towns. The range was named after Parmeo, one of the twelve epourtherions. The quartz mines located in these mountains typically produce enough quartz to be sold within the continent but not exported beyond.

Cascadian River

  The Cascadian river flows down from Munio Mountain and has an abundance of fresh-water fish popular throughout the continent. In addition, certain rare types of quartz can be found in the river as well, specifically teney quartz.

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