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Sunntondra is the westernmost continent and named after Sunnandra, one of the twelve epourtherions that are connected to the epouranal mages. Though it is almost as large as Candovia, the continent has a significantly smaller population due to the multiple large uninhabited regions including the White Desert, the Lost Plains, and the marshlands to the south. Notable landmarks include:  
  • Mandoria Mountain – The central Mendalian timepiece and the sole producer of mandorinites
  • Gavden Woods – A massive forest that contains the largest amount of rockwood and vornwood trees in the world
  • Almanian River – The longest river in the world
  • • Wayo Mountains – Mountain range with vast quantities of the rarest types of quartz

White Desert

The white desert is at the northern tip of Sunntondra and is elevated over 3,000 meters above the rest of the continent. It has freezing cold temperatures and snows about 80% of the year. Unlike most regions of Mendala, it is unknown why the white desert has such severe weather. Most scientists believe it to be the result of its high elevation. However, the writings of the epouranals have suggested that the region was permanently altered by one of the earliest epouranal mages thousands of years ago, specifically to make it hard to find one of the ancient mentant monasteries, Vinchu, reportedly home to mentant monks who learn a particularly potent and dangerous form of mentus.  

Lost Plains

Situated just south of the White Desert is a large area of flat, featureless plains that is hard to navigate due to a weather phenomenon known as the shimmer. The harsh winds from the elevated northern plateau push quartz dust into the air above the lost plains which is then caught in crosswinds spreading it out across a massive area. This causes the sky above the plains to look like its shimmering. The shimmer not only makes it difficult to see the sky, but it also blocks vision in the mentant realm.   The Lost Plains also reportedly houses one of the ancient mentant monasteries known as Hidden Valley.

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