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The southern continent, named after Candovon, one of the twelve epourtherions, or beasts of the heaven, that are connected to the epouranal mages. Candovia is the largest of the four main continents but is second in quartz mining and refinement behind Lumaria. Some famous landmarks include:  
  • Sunnin Mountain – Headquarters of the Sunnin Social System and home of the Daughter of the Sun
  • Crystal Sands Desert – a large desert full of desert crystal as well as various other types of quartz
  • Weaver’s Road – One of the three oldest independent towns in the world, founded by the Stokenshires and protected by a powerful city core
  • Zandamion Swamps – Rumored home of one of the mentant monasteries

Gibano Mountains and Forests

  Stretching down the center of the continent, the Gibano mountain range is home to dozens of small mining towns due to the abundance of quartz. In addition, the Gibano Forests have an abundance of both rockwood and vornwood tree, making it highly valuable. They are named after Gibano, one of the twelve epourtherions and it is said that the Giabano epouranal mage makes their home somewhere in the mountains or forests.

Zandamion Swamps

  The Zandamion Swamps are dangerous marshlands that are southwest of the Gibaano Mountains. There is persistent fog throughout the entire area, and it is rumored that dangerous monsters roam about. Because the land has no resources or other value, it is left alone. These marshlands are named after epourtherion Zandamon because it is often the place where the Zandamon epouranal mage goes to meditate in private. It is rumored that one of the early Zandamon epouranal mages created the swamps to ensure their privacy. It is also rumored that a small town exists within the swamps and is home to one of the mentant monasteries.

Midlothiac Forest

  An expansive forest located northwest of Weaver’s Road with a road that leads to various towns closer to or in the Gibano Mountain Range that runs down the center of the continent. The forest is known for having an abundance of vornwood trees which keeps it from being cleared for development.

Crystal Sands Desert (Main Article)

  This is the only significant desert on Mendala, taking up roughly 20% of the continent. It is named for the desert crystal quartz that only grows there. Desert crystal has many medicinal uses when refined. As such it is in constant need and one of the chief exports from the desert. Though desert crystal is by far the most abundant, the desert also exports around 15% of the world’s boulder, tuner, translif, melivian and mandorian quartz. This makes mining in the desert a very lucrative business and many people live there for the jobs since quartz must be mined manually.   Unfortunately, desert crystal, in its raw form, rapidly drains the adimus of anyone near it. The quartz grows in such abundance in the desert that its properties leech into the very sand. This means that people lose their adimus abilities when they spend significant time in the desert. People born and raised in the desert for the first seven years of their life never gain any adimus abilities. In addition, all people born in the desert have green eyes, the same color as the desert crystal.   Poverty and crime are rampant in the desert since neither guardians nor the Sunnin Social System have a significant presence there. There are no Fantasmal Government outposts because none of the towns in the desert meet the requirements for admittance into the House of Vurbis, either being too small, or not existing long enough.   Despite these drawbacks, many people still choose to live in the desert. Some come for the work and opportunities, others with adimus abnormalities live their because it’s the only place they can get relief from their chronic conditions.   Many attempts have been made to form a single country out of the desert towns to no avail.

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