Mendala History of Mendala Timeline

History of Mendala

Priori Mandamus

1 -> 4040 PM

Priori Mandamus: Before He Commands

This refers to the 4040 years between the rise of the epouranal mages and when mandamus came into existence. The era was marked by the formal introduction of mentus into world and a general stabilization of peoples and nations after ages of unrest and constant war. The epouranals brought prophecy and guidance from the heavens that helped people grow and thrive. The era was always known as the PM era even though no one knew what “mandamus” meant. At the time, the era’s name was believed to refer to a great revelation or commandment from God that would at some point be brought down to the world. In a way, this was right.

  • 1 PM

    First Twelve Epouranal Mages Reveal Themselves
    Religious event

    The first twelve epouranal mages appear around the world, declaring the start of a new era and their role as mediators between the heavens and mortal realms

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  • 157 PM

    First School of Mentus Established

    After over 150 years of mentus teaching from the epouranals, schools of mentus started being built.

  • 510 PM

    Warrior Guild established
  • 2023 PM

    Mandorian Master Timepiece created
    Technological achievement
  • 4040 PM

    30 Zinidin

    Normenia appeared in the skies

    The yellow moon appears in the skies marking the beginning of the new era.

Terrius Sunn

1 -> 3970 TS

Terrius Sunn: In the Years of the Sun

    “In the Years of the Sun” refers to the years when the Daughters of the Sun were on Mendala. This is the 3970 years after mandamus, the Fantasma, and the Daughter of the Sun were established and before Book of War was opened. Widely considered to be a time of great prosperity and discovery. Wars slowly became less prevalent over the centuries and opportunities became more abundant.

  • 1 TS

    1 Glorin

    Jeremiah Fantas Made First Fantasma
    Political event

    After years of people begging the epouranals to create a world government, the twelve spiritual leaders come together to appoint a lowly slave, Jeremiah Fantas as the first Fantasma. As the leader of the global government, Fantasma establishes the Fantasmal Government in the newly moved Fantasmal Mountain.

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  • 1 TS

    1 Glorin

    Ester Fantas made the Daughter of the Sun
    Life, Supernatural

    At the same time her husband was being publicly appointed Fantasma by the twelve epouranal mages, Sarah Fantas was secretly visited by a messenger of the heavens and given the role of chief caretaker of the planet. However, it would be centuries before the role would become significant.

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  • 1 TS


    Fantasmal Knights established by Leonard Timpson

    After originally trying to oppose the new Fantasma , Leonard Timpson, one of the leaders of the Warrior Guild, dedicated his life to serving the Fantasma and established the first and longest lived military branch under the Fantasmal Government: an elite group of soldiers known as the Fantasmal Knights.

  • 21 TS

    Guardians Established

    Fantasma promotes the first mandants to be guardians and the Guardian Council is founded.

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  • 68 TS

    Robes established as an official sign of rank
    Cultural event

    Robes established as an official sign of rank across the world.

  • 95 TS

    Slavery abolished planet wide
    Diplomatic action
  • 203 TS

    Common Language established as the official language of Mendala
    Diplomatic action

  • 225 TS

    Centars established as official currency of Mendala
    Diplomatic action

  • 700 TS

    Sunnin Social System Established

    Founded by Angela Terrain with the help of Lewis Stokenshire and the entire Stokenshire clan. With this, the epouranals established the Daughter of the Sun to be the chief caretaker of the world.

    Sunnin Mountain
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  • 805 TS

    Edjourian Calendar adopted as official calendar of Mendala
    Diplomatic action

  • 1814 TS

    Quickening Invented
    Scientific achievement
  • 2167 TS

    Order of Nature Founded
  • 2380 TS

    Hyperball Created
    Sporting Event / Competition

    Sport created by Pamela Bestmore, Jefferson Anselary, and Nathaniel Reston

  • 2463 TS

    World Hyperball League (WHL) established
    Sporting Event / Competition

  • 3970 TS

    The Great War
    Disaster / Destruction

    Multus discovers and opens the Book of War. Monsters appear all across the world and start attacking indiscriminately. The war is eventually stopped by the Daughter of the Sun and the Twelve Warriors who disappear in the attempt, along with the Book of War.

  • 3970 TS

    Enex appears in the sky

    The red moon appears marking the only known occurrence of a tempeston, or "death night." This marks the death of the Daughter of the Sun

Terrius Argonon

1 -> 1290 TA

Terrius Argonon; In the Years of War

  This refers to the 1290 years after the Book of War was first opened. It is marked by a resurgence of slavery, poverty, and a general despair across the lands, along with a severe rise in wars and conflict, even among long established domains.

  • 1 TA

    Weather Rod Created / Founding of Weather Mountain

    In response to weather inconsistencies caused by the red moon, the Dwarves of Glorandor, prompted by the Gloran Epouranal Mage, spearheaded the construction of the Weather Rod with the help of Ellenon engineers. The Fantasma tasked an environ to become the first Commander of Weather and Weather Mountain was founded.

  • 1290 TA

    Daughter of the Sun Returns
    Cultural event

    After 1290 years with no Daughter of the Sun, she suddenly reappears in the world to re-establish her place as the world's chief caretaker.