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Sunnin Mountain

Sunnin Mountain is the Headquarters of the Sunnin Social System and the home of the Daughter of the Sun. It is the largest mountain on the continent of Candovia and is an independent mountain seated in the middle of Gibano mountain range. It was obtained for use by the Stokenshires by petitioning the Fantasmal Government.   It is the only domain that has Supernal Nation status outside of Fantasmal Mountain and is allowed to operate completely outside the laws and jurisdiction of the Fantasmal Government, just like the Epouranal Council. This effectively puts the Daughter of the Sun, as ruler over Sunnin Mountain, on equal footing with the Fantasma and the Epouranal Council in world leadership. This was established by the epouranals.   Sunnin Mountain is home to the Sunnin Libraries, the largest collection of knowledge that exists separate and apart from the Fantasmal Libraries, meaning that very few of the books, scrolls, or texts found in the Sunnin Libraries have copies in the Fantasmal Libraries. Special artifacts are also contained within Sunnin Mountain such as the Sun Stone, the Supernal Covenant, and ancient epouranal scrolls written in long lost languages that can only be read by the Daughter of the Sun.   Sunnin Mountain contains offices, lodging, a large museum, an orphanage and its corresponding facilities, a public masters school, and other facilities. Although typically open to the public, it is the second most secure mountain in the world.   The Sisterhood of Ester runs the vast majority of the Sunnin Social System’s programs however there are also thousands of members of support staff.   With the Daughter of the Sun gone, the Sunnin Social System continues to run under the guidance of Head Sister of the Sisterhood of Ester who, according to the charter of Sunn Mountain and the Sunnin Social System, has almost the same authority of the Daughter of the Sun in her absence, with the exception of being able to sit equal with the Fantasma and Epouranals. In situations where there are disputes between the Sunnin Social System and the Fantasmal Government while there is no sitting Daughter of the Sun, the Epouranal Council is tasked to handle them.   In the millennium that the Daughter of the Sun has been gone, several services within the mountain have been shut down including the orphanage and the master’s school. The mountain has been steadily made less and less available to the public.
Domain Profile:
Domain Type Supernal Nation
Established 700 TS
Population ≈ 2,000
Government Supernal Government
Time Shift 0 FT
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