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Types of Domains

Domain is the generic term for an area of territory controlled by an official government or other ruling body, or otherwise specifically designated by the Fantasmal Government. There are seven domain classifications, country, independent city, subordinate, unaccredited, supernal, restricted, and protected.  


A country consists of multiple subordinate towns, cities, and provinces all ruled by a single national government. The subordinate areas can have their own governments as well, but they must all fall under the common rule of one national government.   A country’s domain includes all of the unoccupied land between and around its subordinate cities and towns and must have a clearly defined and unbroken border around the entire region. A city cannot exist outside of a country’s borders, nor can a country’s border include cities or towns that are not subordinate to it, nor any restricted or protected land.   Countries can designate themselves in any way they choose: nation, republic, federation, kingdom, etc. For the purposes of domain classification, they are all considered countries. All countries are allowed to have representation in the Fantasmal Government under the House of Tellus as long as they are accredited and in good standing.  

Independent City

Independent cities do not fall under a larger country. The city must be one continuous area with defined boundaries that are no more than one hundred meters from its outermost buildings or walls. Cities cannot include buildings ore areas substantially disconnected from its main area, and aside from the area between its border and outer structures, cannot contain empty lands.   For the purposes of domain classification there is no difference between a city and a town, it is merely a matter of what the domain chooses to call itself. In general, most towns have a population of less than 10,000 while most cities have a population greater than 50,000. All independent cities are allowed to be represented in the Fantasmal Government under the House of Vurbis as long as they are accredited and in good standing.  

Subordinate Domain

Subordinate refers to any named domain (city, town, or province) that falls under a country. They may or may not have their own governments, but subordinate domains have no individual representation in the Fantasmal Government.  

Supernal Domain

Supernal domains are those under the direct control of any of the three world leaders: the epouranals, the Fantasma, or the Daughter of the Sun. They are not subject to global law, are not taxed, require no accreditation, are not represented in either of the Fantasmal Government’s legislative houses, and are not bound to conventional domain definitions. While supernal domains are kept track of by the Fantasmal Government for the purposes of record keeping, world leaders are not required to request permission to take ownership of any lands, regardless of their previous domain status.  

Unaccredited Domains

An unaccredited city or country is one that is not formerly recognized by the Fantasmal Government. This means that is not required to pay taxes, cannot hold representation in the Fantasmal Government, and cannot receive services or benefits from the Fantasmal Government with the exception of a Warrior Guild branch, at the full discretion of the guild itself. There are many reasons why a country or town may be unaccredited.  
  • It has existed for less than a year or it has been less than a year since a working government has been established or reestablished.
  • Its population is less than the current threshold of 10,000
  • Its location is unknown, obscured, or purposefully isolated
  Though not done often, the Fantasmal Government can force a domain to become accredited if it finds valid reason for this to be the case.  

Restricted Domain

A restricted domain is an area that is designated off limits to ownership by the Fantasmal Government for any variety of reasons. Examples include the plains north and south of Fantasmal Mountain, the mountains and area around Mandoria Mountain, and most notably, the entire ocean.  

Protected Domain

A protected domain is an area that has been established by the Order of Nature, with the consent of the Fantasmal Government, as off limits to outside ownership and also subject to the conservation rules established by the Order of Nature. This includes the Midlothiac Forests, Gavden Woods, Cirinian Valley, Gloran Woods, Phara Mountain, and many other areas. In addition, the Order of Nature can request ownership of any protected domain for the purposes of establishing a preserve, however this does not change the status of the domain. It cannot be considered a city or country or have any of the privileges of those types of domains.  

The Major Powers

The term “major power” is an unofficial designation for a domain that has existed for over a thousand years and is widely considered to be stable and unconquerable. There are currently twelve domains considered to be major powers, four countries, and eight cities. Some major powers maintain their power due to a large military force, some because of location, and some because of powerful city cores that protect the area. Supernal and Sunnitarian domains are never considered among the major powers.   Nations:
  • Acumen
  • Ellenon
  • Glorandor
  • Marshroot
  • Fenallday
  • Leviton
  • Ramilda
  • Sandedge
  • Tebinear
  • Weaver’s Road
  • Youngwater
  • Zohare

Sunnitarian States

At any point in time, a country or independent city can petition the Fantasmal Government to become recognized as a sunnitarian state. This means that they will abolish their current government in favor of what is known as a Sunnitarian Government. Sunnitarian states are essentially ruled by the Fantasma. The citizens of the domain have absolutely no say about their laws or taxes and they have no representation in the Fantasmal Government. The government structure gets its name because it was initially proposed by Jessica Pleburg, a Daughter of the Sun, as a means for solving a specific country’s persistent civil unrest.   When a city or nation becomes a Sunnitarian state, the Fantasma sends one or more representatives, typically guardians, to rule over the domain. The representatives enact all of the laws and are completely responsible for running the domain in whatever way they deem appropriate as long as it is inline with global and Sunnin law. All areas of the government are managed by people handpicked directly from the Fantasmal Government, and local residents of the domain are only allowed to serve in an advisory capacity to the representatives in charge. In addition, only guardians serve as law enforcement and magistrates.   The benefit of becoming a sunnitarian state is that they receive the full protection of the Fantasma, meaning that no other domain can attack or invade them since they have the might of the Fantasmal Forces and guardians to protect them. Sunnitarian states also tend to have virtually no crime and very prosperous economies. The Sunnin Social System provides all social services to sunnitarian states including services beyond their normal offerings such as free masters school education, guaranteed housing for all citizens, and a myriad of programs designed to ensure all people have a job and a high quality of life.   Despite what would seem like an ideal life for its citizens, sunnitarian states are extremely rare. Only two or three have existed at any given time since the concept’s inception  

Becoming a Sunnitarian State

In order for a country or city to earn sunnitarian statehood, they must hold a vote of all of the current citizens and 90% of the population must agree to statehood. This vote is conducted by representatives of the Fantasmal Government with help from the Sunnin Social System to ensure that the vote is completely fair and that all citizens fifteen and older, participate. Once the vote is ratified and the threshold is met, sunnitarian statehood is awarded. If the 90% threshold is not met, the domain must wait a full year before petitioning again. A domain can petition as often as they like, there are no restrictions.   Once statehood is awarded, the population of the domain is frozen, meaning no one can become a citizen of the domain unless they are the children of current citizens. Immigration to the domain becomes an extremely difficult and lengthy process, and citizenship is monitored by identification cards if not done so before.   To maintain statehood, a vote of all citizens is taken every ten years. This is the only vote citizens are allowed and it is mandatory. At least 70% of the population must vote to maintain statehood or the sunnitarian status is revoked and the government is dissolved, leaving the citizens to form their own government. The Fantasma or their representative can also call for a vote at any time if they find reason to believe that a majority of people are unhappy with sunnitarian statehood.
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